Thursday, August 5, 2010

Working shoes

It’s been 2 weeks now that I’m wearing sandal instead of covered shoes to office. I feel so weird & too leisure and unprofessional.

FYI, I’m one of those type of person that wearing covered shoes to office EVERYDAY! It’s not that I wanted to be look like a professional or what so ever. I’m not that poyo ok! It’s just that it’s became a habit since I worked in my previous company which was a factory, where everybody compulsory to wear covered shoes at all time (for safety reason). And FYI also, I don’t wear selipar at office, except sometimes if need it for taking my wudhu for praying.

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Talking about my working shoes, currently, I only have 2 heel shoes, black & brown leather shoes, from Pierre Cardin. I’ve been wearing these 2 shoes since 2007. I like this brand because it was soooooooo comfy. Actually I do like to wear stylish and fashionable shoes. But, due to the uncomfortable reason, still I will always go back to those unfashionable but comfy shoes.

Now that I’m thinking of changing my working shoes, but I can’t imagine how long it will takes me this time for searching the best shoes. Usually, it’s not easy for me to search for the best shoes to wear to office, as I wear it all day long except for driving. So, I really need to find the most comfortable shoes, so that I don’t have to re-find other shoes later on. Value for money also will be one of the factors that I will consider before buying the shoes. Of course I will prefer cheaper one if there is any. But, usually it wasn’t easy to find cheap and comfortable shoes in our market. So, for myself, I will put my budget maximum at RM300 per pair, and expecting that the shoes can be wear minimum 2-3 years before I have to change a new one. Really value for my money right? =) (so stingy! hahaahahaha)

Hmmmm, now I'm thinking of buying peep toe this time for work, as people nowadays accept it as modern covered shoes. Ouh! How I like peep toe! For sure it will look cool and sexy on my feet... Huhuhu...

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so, what do you think? Should I or shouldn't I?

p/s: Will let my feet to wear sandal until tomorrow. And I will go back to normal wearing by next week.

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