Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kain oh kain....

5 orang pot pet

The above pic showed all the kain pasang that I bought on end Nov last year at Jakel… And after 2 months now, it’s still a kain pasang and haven’t transform to baju kurung or kebaya or modern baju kurung yet!.

Looking at that pile, only I realize where was my money went to. No wonder I’ve spending so much of money lately…

And now, I need extra money to send them all for tailoring… Huhuhuhu…

Or, maybe I should send them little by little? But, I can’t wait to wear all of them altogether! How greedy I am huh?

Hmmmm… Thinking of not wasting more money, maybe I should divide them into a group? And decide which group to be sent for tailoring in this year 1st? Or for hari raya this year? Or for my SIL’wedding on this coming June? Wedding? Aiyak! I need to find another kain pasang in a grey colour. Hmmm again… Will I be coming back with only 1 kain pasang? Or more? Argggghhhhhh! I’m so scared to think about it! Why la we women have this craziness in shopping those beautiful stuffs? Erkkkkk!

P/s: What ever it is, I have to find 1 kain pasang for me, 1 new Batik shirt for hubby (his belated birthday present), 1 grey Baju Melayu for hubby and not to forget a grey gown for Aimee. Aiyoyoyoyooyo…. Be strong Amisah! You can do it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aweng feeling weng... And the answer is....

11 orang pot pet
Today, I'm feeling so weng...

Can you spot any weirdy in this photo? (please ignore those messy environment. that messy things belongs to my neighbor. Ahahahhaha)

Ok, ok.. I give you another photo for you to analyze.

How? can detect anything?

Not yet? ok, How about this photo?

Still can't?

How about this one? Look at my entire body only...

Still cannot?Haiya!

Ok, this one will be your last chance.. I'm already feeling wenger ni.....

Have any idea? Good!
Please leave your comment....

To show my appreciation, anybody who can give me the correct answer will be given 1 token, anything that still available at my blog sales: reDuit! reDuit! It’s your call to choose…

Interesteing right?

I will reveal the answer by tomorrow morning...

So, guys, Good luck in guessing ya!

Ok, guessing session has end now.

The answer is the black thing that I’m wearing with that Selendang actually was a small tube a.k.a mini bra… Hahahahahhahhaha… huarhuarhuarhuar….

I’m purposely creating this teka teki teka tekok just to see whether you all can detect that… Huarhuarhuar…

You must be wondering why in the world that I’m wearing that tube instead of that normal anak tudung kan? Actually, that was really unintended! While rushing for packing cloth to bring to my MIL’s house (ini semua itu Abu punya pasal. Aku benci dia! Bakar! Bakar!), I accidently took that tube rather than that anak tudung! While preparing for working that morning, than only I realize that I didn’t bring anak tudung for that selendang! Uwaaaa! So, I have no choice but to wear that tube, unless I have to EL again or coming late to office! Huh!

So, I guess wearing that tube on my head wasn’t that weird la kan? Hahahhahahhaha….
At least I have an option to take in future whenever I face this kind of emergencies again… Hahahhaha…

Ok, we come to the winner thingy… I don’t think we have a winner.. But, Dongan & ninie had mentioned that anak tudung wording. So closeeee to the answer... So, I’m feeling so flattered to giving them a consolation prize.

So, dongan & ninie, you may choose 1 piece of anything that still available and worth max RM25 in my sales blog. Congrates dear!

To those who didn’t win anything can try again next time and thanks a lot for participating! Adios!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ayahku pulang dari kota

5 orang pot pet
Ayahku pulang dari kota,
ayahku belikan kereta,
Kereta kecil warna merah,
Boleh kubawa ke sekolah...

Pon pon pon pon pon pon pon pon,
Kereta kecilku berbunyi,
Marilah mama dengan ayah,
Boleh Aimee bawa ke sekolah...

Ni antara lagu kegemaran Aimee bila tiba2 jiwanya kacau….

Setelah begitu lama beliau menyanyikannya berulang2, akhirnya lagu tersebut telahpun menjadi kenyataan kemarin....

Ayah telah membelikannya sebuah kereta kecil merah jambu... Ehehhehe.. Lepas ni, bolehlah Aimee race dengan onyang... Jangan langgar lari sudah la ya sayang!

Jom mama!

Aimee & tukang sponsor (Ayah)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


3 orang pot pet
Semakin besar, semakin aktif itu minah kumari...

Malam tadi, tidur lambat, pagi ni bangun awal... Sebelum jam 7 pagi sudah bangun... Jam 8 tidur balik, jam 10 bangun mandi....

Lepas tu, ndak mau tidur langsung sampai lah jam 5.30 ptg baru tidur... Sebelum jam 7 malam bangun mandi... Ni malam ni, ndak taulah....

Ni lah antara gambar2 yang ayah sempat snap sementara melayan karenahnya bermain.... Aimee oh Aimee...


Friday, January 22, 2010

Blissful Friday!

2 orang pot pet
What a blissful Friday. But, again I can't get through the Fly FM line. Now, the prize has snowball to RM5100. Wah! Such a big money! Will try again next Monday. Chaiyok!

On the other hand, I have uploaded 32 pieces new hijab at reduit! reDuit! Feel free to visit ya!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Masih mencuba lagi...

3 orang pot pet
Hari ini masih kecewa ndak dapat masuk line FLy FM. Ndak pa.. Besok mama glam akan cuba lagi...

Cerita lain pulak, saja mau kongsi gambar kemenangan masa Badminton Tournament pejabat bulan lepas. Hehehhehe....

Glam ndak? Keh keh keh

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scrub a dub dub...

2 orang pot pet
Scrub a dub dub, Two hands in a tub, A quack at the back, A moo up a head.

Argghhhhh! So stress! I tried to get through FlyFM line this morning to answer their Wake Up Your Brain contest, but I failed badly! I got the answer already lahhhh!!!!! And I’m pretty confident that my answer is 100% correct, as it is not listed in their wrong answer’s list yet:

Cow, Tub, Shadow, Fabes hands, Computer , A Milkmaid, Farmers Wife, Rubber Ducky, Two Handle Cup, Cows, Farmville, Rubber Ducky, Coward, Act of scrubbing your face, Bathtub, Turkey, Typewriter, Clocks, Family of cows, Showering in the tub, Washing a dog in a bathtub, The action of shaving, Nursery Rhyme, Skin, Washing a dark leather garment, 3 men in a tub, A person washing hands in a sink, A milkmaid, duck and a cow, Chopsticks, A baby in a crib, Bathing in a tub, Eating oats and milk in a bowl, Angel, Clothes in a sink, Old McDonald had a farm, Washing Machine, Cleaning the toilet using Toilet Duck and Mr. Muscle, Eating scrambled eggs with milk, Burping a baby, Washing toilet bowl, Scuba Diving, Handwashing Laundry, Breast Stroke, Cleaning up a baby that vomited on you, Massager, Woman benind over washing her hair in the sink with the tap on, Person taking a bath in a bathtub, Feeding a baby with milk, Brush, Swimmer, Milking a cow, Giving a baby a bath, Brush teeth, Lullabying a baby, Massage Chair, Sumo Wrestler, Appropriate hand washing during mad cow disease and influenza, Baby Cradle, Egg Custard, Songs with finger plays, Cock, Mouth, Milk Bath, Washing hair in the salon, Lyrics, Old Locomotive Train, Somebody massaging the backside, Hornbill, Automatic Car Wash, Clock, UK car plate number, Bathing in a tub, pulling the bath plug, Someone in a car, 2 hands on the horn, crazy fella at the back honking, moo is a slow man in front, Coconut Grater, Shampoo, Stapler, Quack surgeon doctor washing his hands, Duck, Baby Bath Tub Toys, Milkmaid, Quack Doctor, Baby being bathed, dried and powdered by mother, Money, Television, Spectacles, Steering, Snooker, Car, Slogan, Stethoscope, Milkshake, Plane, Car Wiper, Lullaby, Motorcycle, Food, Clock, An oar, Tortoise, Boat, Murtabak, The letter "K", Cello, Poem, Broth, Nose, Car, Urinal, Book

Don’t give up Amisah! Try again tomorrow. My dear roommate, please pray for me ya so that you all can get that unlimited Pizza Hut lunch that I promised. Ouhhhh… I smell RM4900…. Ahhhh…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


2 orang pot pet
Sometimes, I do understand them…
Sometimes, I don’t …

Sometimes, I feel like wanting to understand them…
Sometimes, I feel like don’t ….

Sometimes, I feel pity at them…
Sometimes, I don’t….

Sometimes, I feel like slapping,
Sometimes, I feel don’t…

Sometimes, I feel like hugging…
Sometimes, I don’t…

Hello! Don’t think too much! Wake up! Don’t bother! Just follow the flow…. Let them to stay with their own world. You won’t lose anything anyway….

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Abang!

0 orang pot pet
Happy Birthday to my beloved hubby! Sweet 25th! Hehehhehe…

May Allah bless you dear! I love you so much! Muaahh!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news

Pssstttt... I heard good news this week. But no confirmation yet. Later, when confirm, will share it with you all... Hopefully, I'm the chosen one. Aminnnn....

P/s: Comments not allowed as mama glam don’t want anybody to make a wild guessing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reDuit! reDuit!

2 orang pot pet
To all my friend/blog readers, i'm announcing my new blog sales, which was a partnership with my dear colleague, eikyn: reDuit! reDuit!

As for now, we sell good quality Eikyn hijab, crystal brooches, original pearl brooches, crystal bracelet, original pearl bracelet and original pearl button for Baju Melayu.

We haven't officially launch the blog yet actually. As a friend of mine/my blog reader, I'm giving you a priority to visit and to see whether you have interested on any items, before we launch it to public.

So, guys, do check out the blog! Will update more later ya!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sia sudah pulang!

5 orang pot pet
Seronoknya balik kampung! Rasa macam ndak mau balik KL pun ada.. Iyalah, seronok tuh duduk kampung ndak payah fikir pasal kerja.. hehhehehe.... Masa di Tawau kami ndaklah pigi jalan mana-mana... Setakat pusing-pusing bandar Tawau bawak Aimee jalan-jalan... Jalan-jalan pigi Pasar Gantung, Servay Jaya, rumah nenek (Onyang Aimee) dan ke Giant.. Jangan ndak tau.. Tawau sudah ada Giant tu... Tapi, hampeh sebab tempat makan ada KFC jak.. apa daaa... Gambar ndak banyak lah pulak ambik.. Termlampau seronok sampai mau balik baru ingat mau ambil gambar... layan lah gambar yang ada ni ya...

Aimee dan onyangnya..

Gambar ni pulak, khas untuk kawan-kawanku yang pernah datang ke Sabah... Jagung milo ni korang.. sedap kan?

Ni gambar di airport.. Sedih semua orang :(

Aimee dengan Auntie Darnah & Atok

Aimee & nenek haji

Aimee sudah pandai mau peluk budak-budak... Pandai mau berkawan pulak... Ramah...

Aimee sibuk main ya mama! jangan kacau please!

Dan, terakhir sekali, Aimee dengan mama yang suka menggayakan tudung-tudung barunya.. ahahhahahha... Jangan jeles!

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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