Monday, December 13, 2010

Pity at her ;(

I listened to Fly fm this morning, Fix it slot. It’s about a mother who wrote to Fly fm for them to help her to persuade her daughter to come back to celebrate a Christmas with her.

Actually, the case was aired at the station last week. This daughter, who 21 years old leave their house for a married man aged 34 years. The mother told that before she leave the house, the girl always go out with the man on odd hours. And then, the man also ask the girl to keep their relationship underground for don’t know what reason. As a mother, of course she would feel uneasy about the relationship and ask the girl to leave the man. She even sees a “Bomoh” to ask about it (which I don’t really agree). The Bomoh told the mother that the man actually using the girls for his dirty business. Hearing that kind of things from a person, as a mother, of course she feels worried about her girl. So she keeps asking her daughter to leave the man again and again. After so much argument between them, the girl finally decided to leave the house on Chap Goh Mei this year which was almost 1 year already. To make things worst, the girl don’t even want to talk to her mother nor reply her SMS. Being a sad mother, she finally decided to write to the station hoping that her daughter will come back to her.

On last week, at first the DJ called the daughter and trying to get them to talk each other on air. But, the daughter refused and she comes out with another different story saying that actually she didn’t leave the house, but it was the mother who chases her out from the house. So the DJs don’t have the solution for them and ask the mother to try to call and talk to her daughter over the weekend.

This morning, they called the mother again to check on what’s been happening. The mother said that she calls so many times, yet the daughter doesn’t want to pick up the phone. She SMS her few times, then only the daughter replied after 24 hours receiving the SMS. The daughter asks the mother to leave her alone and told the mother that she will celebrate the Christmas alone. At the end of the conversation, the mother cried and asks her daughter to take care of herself. She even said this word which really touches me “its ok you all. I’ll take this as an experience in being a mother” And to console the mother, Nadia told the mother that hopefully there will be a silver lining after what has been happening. So the case being ended without any solution.

Ok, being a mother, I feel so pity to the mother. I don’t say the mother correct or the daughter is wrong. For me, what ever it is, the daughter shouldn’t leave the house and refuse to talk to her mother like that. It’s just not worth it leaving your own mother that raise you up for 21 years for a man that you might knows for 1 or 2 years, or maybe for a few months? There will be always a solution for any problems between a mother and a daughter. You can’t just leave your mother keep crying for you. This is just not the right things to do as a daughter. You soon will become a mother too, and at that point of time; you just don’t deserve to blame the karma if your daughter do the same as you’ve done to your mother before. To regret it at that time, your mother might not there for you anymore. How sad is that right?

So, to a daughters and a sons out there, please.. please… please…. Think before you did something wrong to your parents. Don’t let your young emotional ruin your perfect life and separate you from your family. Family knows you better than others. So, always come back to your family for any problems. There will always a solution for your problem. What ever it is, I believe, your family will always be there, no matter what happened to you. They will never leave you and they will always forgive you and accept you back no matter how bad you are and how bad you treat them in past. So, please… please… please… do treat them well while they’re still around in this world. ~so sad ;( ~

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