Thursday, August 28, 2008

Odd, weird & CooL

For the entire of this week, am busy attending HSO (Health & Safety Officer) course at NIOSH, Bangi. Since the class usually will end very late in the evening, everyday I sure caught in jam at MRR2 from Sri Petaling until Keramat…

So, yesterday, when driving along somewhere in KM30 of MRR2 if I’m not mistaken, again I’m attracted at SYABAS big pipe at the right hand side of the MRR2. Actually, I had noticed this huge pipe since early of this month. I’m not sure whether it’s new, or I’m the one who late to notice its existence there. When I first time saw it, I quickly snap my hp camera & send it to my hubby because I think it is so cool! It is so huge! And most probably, it is the biggest pipe that you could found in Malaysia (though it’s not a real pipe la kan). Something more interesting rather than SYABAS put normal round water tank to advertise their names kan..

Second thing that I found out as an odd was a yellow falling car from one of the building somewhere along Federal Highway on December last year. I am shocked and quickly eyeing on it at that time because I seriously thought it was a real car (by a glance only). Oh! my God. It’s only an ad lah! Again, I snapped a photo and still keep it in my photo album in my hp until today :-). Actually, I had sent my hubby mms & told him that I saw a falling car at that time. And guess what? My hubby was confusing & also thought it’s real… But still he asks me where I get the photo from…. Hahahhaha….

The third photo that I still keep because I think it’s unique is the photo of two layered of sky. The photo was taken when I live at Taman Petaling Utama, PJ. First word came out from my mouth at that time was “Masya Allah!” It was so weird and I never seen such an odd weather like that. How Mighty Allah is by showing us this!

The last but not least photo is this:

Ngeh ngeh ngeh…. Actually, I snapped this photo when I was in Grik in early of this month. This bundle shop situated just in front of the motel that we stayed at. My hubby & my younger brother the one who found out the shop… So, to keep it as my memories, I post it in here to show it to you all (who know in future I’ll be in that field rather than being an engineer?)…. Hehhehhe…. Calculating my future……. tik tok tik tok...

5 orang pot pet on "Odd, weird & CooL"

mast on August 28, 2008 at 6:55 PM said...

puan misah enterprise tu beb!!

lor, ko kursus ke?? patut aa mail senyap jo..

amisah said...

ekekekke... kagum x?

ha ah.. senin ni aku masuk opis dah...

doNGan on August 31, 2008 at 9:56 PM said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh.. :p

amisah said...

tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu
Hidup amisah enterprise! :-)

amisah said...

tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu :-)

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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