Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was so tensioned this week!

After being away for one whole week, I'm expecting my assistant will assist me on the works that I left for him before I went to my 6 days course... So unlucky of me, he didnt do any of the works! Could you imagine how frustrated & how mad I am?!!!!!!! A lot of reports.... Im feel like crying today...seriously... uwaaaa.... Luckily I got my ex-assistant. He helped me a lot..... Some reports still pending.... I really went into crazy today. I dont have enuf hands to do all of them before I go for another 2 days course tomorrow until this thursday... Friday I have to present draft of one of the presentation to my boss. Dunno got enuf time or not to prepare after I came back from the course. im so sad  :-( I couldnt imagine how some people can just ignore their responsibilities & let other people suffer...... Im really crying rite now! really afraid.... blank and dont know how to face my boss this friday.... Ya Allah! pls help me.....

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