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Last 2 days, me & my colleague had discussed about this EPO (Evening Primrose Oil). One of my colleague complained about her headache & some other unhealthy feelings that she suffered lately. So, another of my colleague suggested her to take the EPO. The another colleague now taking 1000mg EPO everyday to help her counteract with the effect of her premenstrual syndrome, as she now at her late 40's. And it is works!

Other than the above, am decided to write about this due to a lot of confusion that I always heard from one to another. I had heard people said that EPO actually is a fish oil. And the main reason is to share the use of this EPO by the PMS's symptoms sufferer (like me!).

2 years ago, I had consumed this EPO to lessen my PMS pain. I dont remember whether it works or not. But, I remember what the doctor in Kota Damansara told me when I went to see her a few weeks after I take the EPO. she discourage me to take the EPO continously, for certain reason, which again I dont remember why. So, after that, I had stop taking the EPO until now, & still suffer from my PMS pain for almost every month, but of course lesser pain compared to when I was still single.. ehehhehe...

Last night & today, I googling & yahooing to get some infos about this EPO. So, here are some summaries of the useful infos for us to share.

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of a plant called evening primrose which has yellow flowers that bloom in the evening. It contains an Omega-6 essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is believed to be the most active ingredient to alleviate PMS symptoms. Usually, the oil put into capsules for use.


A- Strong

B - Good
Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

C - Unclear
Breast cancer, Breast cysts, Breast pain (mastalgia), Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome/post-viral infection symptoms, Diabetes, Diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage), Multiple sclerosis (MS), Obesity/weight loss, Osteoporosis, Pre-eclampsia/high blood pressure of pregnancy, Raynaud's phenomenon, Rheumatoid arthritis & Scale-like dry skin (ichthyosis vulgaris).

D - Fair
Asthma, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Cardiovascular health, Menopause (flushing meatbolism), Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), Psoriasis and Schizophrenia.

For the PMS, although there is no scientific prove, some women feel it treatable & fully rely on this EPO everytime they had their period to lessen the PMS syndromes. Had interviewed one of my friend (Jac) today on the effects of EPO for her PMS. Yes, she said it works for her. The only setback, is the price :-)

Other than consuming this drugs, medical community does suggest a good dietary just before the menses to reduce the PMS symptoms:
- Cut down on refined sugars (in white bread & cofections)
- Eat a lot of grains, vege & fruits.
- Limit the use of sodiium, which causes water retention. A few extra mm of water can cause bloating, headaches & tender breasts.

Maintaining muscle tone & posture is also important. Excercise would relieves stress & ensures the pelvic region provide the necessary support.

E - Poor

Other than the above, uses of the EPO on tradition or theory also hasnt come out with any scientifically proven, such as alcoholism, bruises, cancer prevention, post natal depression etc.

Shoud refer to the product's label.

Shouldnt take by people with seizure disorders. Also by patients who plan to undergo surgery requiring anesthesia. They should stop taking EPO 2 weeks before the surgery due to possibilty of seizure.

For diabetics, continuous use of EPO gradually reduces their insulin req. So, they should consult with their physician before taking the EPO.

Most people suits with this EPO. Only some people will feel headache, abdominal pain, nausea & loose stools.

As for the pregnancy & breastfeeding, there is no enough info on the safe use of EPO.

So, after reading all the infos above, I conclude that EPO is not a fish oil. People may get confuse because the EPO contained Omega-6 which is also could be find in fish oil.

No scientific research prove that the EPO could relieves the PMS syndromes. It depends to individual. Some might works, while some might be not.

However, the best scientififc prove that am so interested into is the use for treating eczema. It is proven that the GLA in EPO can help restore the youthfulness of skin & hair as well as help to improve general well being. Meaning, it helps in getting maybe radiant & beautiful skin... Ehehehe...

So girls, dont wait! go & get your EPO! :-)

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