Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cloth Diaper?

Alhamdulillah… I had finished all the preparation for our future baby….

But, this one thing has bugs my mind for quite a while.. I think, for about 3 months? Hmmmm… To go for cloth diapering (CD) or to not to?

[caption id="attachment_2015" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Disposable diaper"]Disposable diaper[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="aligncenter" width="248" caption="Cloth diaper (cute huh?)"]Cloth diaper (cute huh?)[/caption]

I understood that whatever decision that I made later on will have the pros and cons that I have to be responsible with it. Extra cost, extra water and electricity bills, extra laundry works, extra energy… and lots of extras that needed to be attend to. Hubby has totally leaved everything to me to decide which one to choose. Arggghhhhh! I am so confused!

Actually, I had did some research on this thing few months back (until to date to be exact). I read few websites about this CD such as mia Bambina, Baby Sasha N Mom, eZ Motherhood, lunatots and some other websites not to be mentioned. And the conclusions about CD from the research that I made are:


1. Could be adorable because it comes with various colors, design, textures and fabric. Simple word, it’s cute if we compared it with the disposable!
2. Convenient (I’m not sure about this because I haven’t experience in handling with it yet).
3. Cost effective (in a long run yes! Especially, if I planned to have many many kids in future :lol: ).
4. Healthier for children (I suppose this one was correct through readings that I made from those websites).
5. Better for environment (100% correcto).
6. Early potty train for the baby (I also not so sure about this one. Might be right or wrong).


1. Extra electricity and water bills, extra detergent and extra energy for hubby since he will need to do extra loads of laundry every week (actually hubby has gave me a green light on this one. Don’t know whether he really willing to or actually have to, just to please his wife. Anyway, I do feel pity to let hubby get an extra chores to do).
2. Most baby care centre might not want to accept baby using CD (I’m seriously worried about this, because for sure after “berpantang”, I have to send my baby to baby centre kan?)
3. Have to invest lots amount of money now to get started with enough nos of CD for my 1st baby (Of course this one was like a burden for a first timer like us. But, to be frank, I and hubby don’t really mind about this if the money that we have to spend later worth with the cons that we have to face later on).
4. Could last for 3 years only (I don't remember which website stated this fact).

So, after getting 6 pros vs 4 cons, I still don’t have any idea which one to choose. Some of you maybe could see the solution by now. Me? I still confused ok!

I admit, I may sounds so greedy and stingy or too calculative in considering whether to go for CD or not. Yes I am! I admit guys! I want the best for my future baby and of course for my money that I’ve to earn and save hardly every month.

Those who really close to me maybe notice I wasn’t that “taking risk” type of people. I always ask around before deciding to buy anything. I think maybe because I’m not a window shopping type of person. Usually, I and hubby won’t go to shopping mall unless we have something to buy or hunt. Other than that, we mostly spend our time leisure around with our family members, be it my husband’s side or my family side. So, I seriously not that up to date when talking about anything that you might found is common. So, that’s why I don’t like to take a risk to try that or this thing and later on regret and feel so pity at myself/hubby for spending our money for something that not worth it for our money.

Is that wrong guys? Being an ordinary earner, I think, this is the best way of making sure that I spend the best for every cent that I earn every month. Of course sometimes I do make mistakes though I had asked around. But, at least not as much as if I were to decide myself rite?

So, people, opinion pleaseeeee? I now feel like head banging already.... Helpppppp!!!!!! Helpppppppp!!!!!!!

6 orang pot pet on "Cloth Diaper?"

Nisa said...

mmm..aku taktau la sbb tak penah pakai CD tu yg aku tau disp.diapers ni mudah & senang..maklumla baby kan selalu wiwi & 'yak'..lebih2 lg masa travel. sometimes smpi tak terhandle..dulu aku basuh baju baby dgn tangan..pun dh tak larat (correction:laki i basuh). kalo tambah dgn diapers lak yg ada mcm2 stain tu tak tau ler aku..hehehhh..

tu pendapat aku la yg tak berapa nak rajin nih...sbb aku rasa masa baby age 4 bulan ke bwh tu la masa paling penat sekali. nak tido pun tak lena. so aku pilih yg cepat & mudah aje. asal tak memudaratkan baby.

amisah said...

hahahha... aku xleh tahan tang correction tuh.... samlah kita nisa.. sib baiklah dapat laki yang baik hati kan? (kena bodek lebih ni kot2 laki aku terbaca :mrgreen: sayang abang!)

tuh ah, aku ade gayut phone dgn puan mastur hari tuh.. aku rase, memula ni aku guna disp dulu. then, beli sket2 kendian... kumpul pelan2 (walaupun dalam hati x boleh tahan nak beli banyak2 sekaligus. tamak!).... maksudnya campur2 dulu ar.. kalau laki aku kata ok, baru aku beli banyak2....

Chai Ling Lim said...

Personally, I prefer Cloth Diaper. I always believe CD is good for the baby's skin as compare to Disposable Diaper :)

amisah said...

wow! matured enough to be a mom! agree with you!

Chai Ling Lim said...

hahaha... me only good in giving advices :) I like to handle kids and observe their natural behavior, especially the way their laugh and speak.

amisah said...

yup! kids were so fun and entertaining to be watch and observe! Cant wait for the baby to come out lah! :D

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