Friday, May 15, 2009

MOther's Day Awards

Hehehhehe.... Proudly announcing, I received these awards from Kak Aishah



MOther to be pun boleh eik? TQ kak Aishah yerp!

So, now I’m giving the awards to all mothers and mother to be in my dearest friend’s list:-
1. Azah Azura
2. Chema
3. Dongan
4. Kak Elin
5. Kak Fynn
6. Kak Ina
7. Kak Watie
8. Kokek
9. Ninie Minie
10. Nisa
11. Nozie
12. Puan Mastur
13. Reen

Oh yerp! Last 2 days, hubby wasn’t around. He went outstation to PD. So, Cik Suhai and cik Czah so nicely came to my ‘teratak buruk’ and accompany this ‘mak buyung’. It’s been so long since we all gathered like this. I really enjoy the moment! After this, I don’t know whether we all will have the same chance to gather again. Thanks ya korang! Best betul borak-borak dengan korang malam tuh walaupun sekejap sangat!

Insya Allah, our Uni batch will gather at Cik Czah’s wedding at Kuala Lipis on this coming 31st May. Congrates cik Czah! I will update the story mory after the ceremony later k! Tungguuuuu......

5 orang pot pet on "MOther's Day Awards"

JAcq on May 16, 2009 at 10:40 AM said...

Happy mother's day to you!! You are already a mother from the moment your child is conceived in your womb..

God bless all the mothers in the world!!

Nisa said...

TQ for the awards. will collect them later..

amisah said...

Jacq: TQ Jacq! Miss you la Jacq! :cry: p/s: Jadi ke balik Jun ni?

Nisa: Sesama :D Collect jangan tak collect :D

Sue \ said...

K.elin baru berpeluang utk membaca entree amisah..rasa terharu sgt nama ada enlisted kt entree amisah ni..n a happy 'belated' mothers day to u 2!!

amisah said...

thanks kak elin (sambil tersipu-sipu :oops: ) ... super mom like you really deserve it dear!

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