Friday, May 29, 2009

Fresh Lychees

Have you tried fresh lychees? Yesterday, I bought some from Pasar Tani in my office. And the taste? Hmmmm… Not bad…. Of course it wasn’t as sweet as the canned one. But, for a first timer like me, still I consider it was ok for the price of RM5/kilos. Nice! :grin:


Talking about that lychee, I also bought lots of food yesterday for my brekky, lunch and tea. No need to be mentioned the list ok! Seriously a lot! And not to be forgotten, the “MILO kotak”! Hahhahhaha…..

After been so struggling for quite a while having that “no appetite” syndrome, I realized that these few days my appetite now are getting better. Yesterday and today, surprisingly, I could eat rice rather than keep eating pasta/spaghetti or pizza or whatever non-rice based food. But sadly, I still couldn’t stand the oily and reddish “lauk-pauk”. So, I’m now in mode of Nasi Ayam :grin: Especially Nasi Ayam at Giant Permata’s food court. Slrrrpppp!!!! So yummy mummy! Let’s see how long will this addiction lasts….

Hmmmm… can’t wait for this Sunday to come… I and hubby will be attending cik Czah’s wedding at Kuala Lipis. Ouhhhh… I’m so excited!!!! Excited to gather with my ex-UTM friends… And of course, excited to see the bride and the groom…Ahhhhhh!!!! Wait for us to come Kuala Lipis! :cool:

2 orang pot pet on "Fresh Lychees"

Chai Ling Lim said...

I am missing the fresh smell of lychees :) Hardly smell that nowadays...

amisah said...

DOnt know why KL suddenly like floods with fresh lychees.... You could easily find it in Pasar Malam, Pasar Tani, everywhere.... Ouhhhhh.... I just like it!

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