Sunday, May 24, 2009

Instant Noodle?

Alhamdulillah… Today is a Raya Day for me! I had finished all my 10 days “Puasa Ganti”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeehaaaa!!! Yipeeeeee!!!! Yahooooo!!!!!!! Yepa! Yepa!


Since I’m not that big appetite eater type, I don’t have any specific food to eat to celebrate my Raya Day today. I only had Nasi Lemak Makcik Temah (Tak Habis pun) and a bit Nasi Ayam (pow hubby's).....

Oh ya! Guess what I had for my last breaking fast yesterday? I had Maggi curry mee, made by hubby…. Huhuhuhu…. What a heaven dowh!

I know.. I know I shouldn’t have that during my preggy… I do feel guilty having that.... But, yesterday was a very tiring day for me to go out to find any food to eat. Though hubby offered to buy anything for me, nothing appeared in my mind on what to eat. So, I nicely smile at hubby and ask for my normal fav food which I can get free from our home sweet home…. Maggi curry mee with stir fry onion, chilli padi and egg… Fuh! It’s a finger licking good man! Seriously!

Talking about instant noodle (IN), actually I’m a big fan of IN ever since I was a kid. If you ask me why, I also dont know why. I still remember that the same menu that I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph (minus the chili padi) was my fav breakfast prepared by my mom whenever I had chance to stay with my mom and my dad (read: I starts stay with my grandma when I entered my kinder).

However, when I entered my secondary, my mom suddenly banned any IN noodle to be eaten during my schooling except on school holiday. This was prolonging until I finished my SPM exam. The reason that my mom always mentioned is, that Maggi wasn’t good for a student’s brain like me, plus I’m having a bad gastric problem when I was form 3 (that bloody doc ask my mom to stop giving me any IN because he claimed that the MSG inside the IN could caused my gastric problem, which might be right or might be created!).

When I entered my Uni time, I was crazy mazy in buying an IN. So, I guess you all could imagine how excited I am when I have the freedom to have that Maggi curry mee without feeling afraid being scolded by my mom? I had 2 boxes (shoe boxes) that always had an IN stock in it. I think my 1st year’s hostel friends (especially Ami, Fanor, Dbot, Ndot) know about this very well… They even know where to find IN if they were out of stock of theirs in the middle of midnight… You know why I need 2 boxes? 1 for fried noodle type and another one were for soupy type. What a complete sets huh? I’ve tried lot types of IN during my 4 years course in UTM. From Maggi, Mamee, Indo-Mi…. You just name it, as long as it got that halal logo.

Hmmmmm…… after finishing my Uni courses with a moderate grades, I’m now like agreed with my mom excuses for not letting me had that IN so frequently. But, what can I do? I haven’t feel boring yet to have that IN (Maggi curry mee to be specific) even until to date. People might be right when saying, people like to do whatever that people ask them no to do… In my case, I like to have that IN because my mom doesn’t let me to have it freedomly…. Hmmmmm…. Excuses… Excuses….. And excuses every time… People like to give excuses to do whatever is wrong…. This is not good! Critically not good example! Hope I’ll be boring and fed up with this IN….. Who knows what will happen in future huh?

2 orang pot pet on "Instant Noodle?"

Nisa said...

aku masa kt UTM suka benor makan PAMA!!! owh..sedapnyaa..

amisah said...

aku tau bihun segera tuh! tuh mahal sket! :grin:

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