Friday, May 29, 2009

Fresh Lychees

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Have you tried fresh lychees? Yesterday, I bought some from Pasar Tani in my office. And the taste? Hmmmm… Not bad…. Of course it wasn’t as sweet as the canned one. But, for a first timer like me, still I consider it was ok for the price of RM5/kilos. Nice! :grin:


Talking about that lychee, I also bought lots of food yesterday for my brekky, lunch and tea. No need to be mentioned the list ok! Seriously a lot! And not to be forgotten, the “MILO kotak”! Hahhahhaha…..

After been so struggling for quite a while having that “no appetite” syndrome, I realized that these few days my appetite now are getting better. Yesterday and today, surprisingly, I could eat rice rather than keep eating pasta/spaghetti or pizza or whatever non-rice based food. But sadly, I still couldn’t stand the oily and reddish “lauk-pauk”. So, I’m now in mode of Nasi Ayam :grin: Especially Nasi Ayam at Giant Permata’s food court. Slrrrpppp!!!! So yummy mummy! Let’s see how long will this addiction lasts….

Hmmmm… can’t wait for this Sunday to come… I and hubby will be attending cik Czah’s wedding at Kuala Lipis. Ouhhhh… I’m so excited!!!! Excited to gather with my ex-UTM friends… And of course, excited to see the bride and the groom…Ahhhhhh!!!! Wait for us to come Kuala Lipis! :cool:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sembelit vs Buasir

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Di suatu pagi yang indah…..

A: Korang, apa beza antara buasir dengan sembelit?
N1: Ntahlah kak..
N2: Sembelit tuh masalah susah nak b***k. T**k keras.. Kalau masalah sembelit tuh berlarutan, boleh membawak ke masalah buasir pulak.
A: Oh ok. Tapi, apa tanda-tanda seseorang tuh kena buasir?
N2: Ada daging terkeluar daripada lubang b****t.
A: Hah? Ye ke? Besar ker kecik daging yang terkeluar tuh?
N2: Kalau tak kritikal, kecik jer.. Tapi, kalau dah melarat, boleh jadi besar dan kena potong…
A: OUhhhhh…..
N2: Akak kena buasir ker? Sebab pregnant woman ada potensi jugak kena buasir…
A: Alhamdulillah… Tak adalah… Akak saja tanye. Akak takdelah mengalami sembelit atau buasir tuh, Cuma mengalami t**k besar sangat… Hahhahahha…. Penat tau nak teran kasik kluar….. Hahahahhaha…. Mungkin sebab kurang air sebab berpuasa kot… Ker, sebab asyik minum air MILO jek...
N2: Ouhhhh…. Mungkin jugak….. sabar jer lah....

Percaya ndak, setelah hampir 28 tahun (belum masuk 28 tahun lagi k!) hidup di muka bumi ini, baru-baru inilah baru sia tahu apa itu sebenarnya buasir….. Memang helpless… Sekurang-kurangnya sia sudah tahu kan? pssstttt, rupa-rupanya sia pernah mengalaminya sekali atau dua kali lama duuuuluuuuu... Tapi yang tidak kritikal lah... Nasib baik! Patut ndak pernah tahu itu adalah buasir.... Ngeeee.... :grin:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cloth Diaper?

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Alhamdulillah… I had finished all the preparation for our future baby….

But, this one thing has bugs my mind for quite a while.. I think, for about 3 months? Hmmmm… To go for cloth diapering (CD) or to not to?

[caption id="attachment_2015" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Disposable diaper"]Disposable diaper[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2016" align="aligncenter" width="248" caption="Cloth diaper (cute huh?)"]Cloth diaper (cute huh?)[/caption]

I understood that whatever decision that I made later on will have the pros and cons that I have to be responsible with it. Extra cost, extra water and electricity bills, extra laundry works, extra energy… and lots of extras that needed to be attend to. Hubby has totally leaved everything to me to decide which one to choose. Arggghhhhh! I am so confused!

Actually, I had did some research on this thing few months back (until to date to be exact). I read few websites about this CD such as mia Bambina, Baby Sasha N Mom, eZ Motherhood, lunatots and some other websites not to be mentioned. And the conclusions about CD from the research that I made are:


1. Could be adorable because it comes with various colors, design, textures and fabric. Simple word, it’s cute if we compared it with the disposable!
2. Convenient (I’m not sure about this because I haven’t experience in handling with it yet).
3. Cost effective (in a long run yes! Especially, if I planned to have many many kids in future :lol: ).
4. Healthier for children (I suppose this one was correct through readings that I made from those websites).
5. Better for environment (100% correcto).
6. Early potty train for the baby (I also not so sure about this one. Might be right or wrong).


1. Extra electricity and water bills, extra detergent and extra energy for hubby since he will need to do extra loads of laundry every week (actually hubby has gave me a green light on this one. Don’t know whether he really willing to or actually have to, just to please his wife. Anyway, I do feel pity to let hubby get an extra chores to do).
2. Most baby care centre might not want to accept baby using CD (I’m seriously worried about this, because for sure after “berpantang”, I have to send my baby to baby centre kan?)
3. Have to invest lots amount of money now to get started with enough nos of CD for my 1st baby (Of course this one was like a burden for a first timer like us. But, to be frank, I and hubby don’t really mind about this if the money that we have to spend later worth with the cons that we have to face later on).
4. Could last for 3 years only (I don't remember which website stated this fact).

So, after getting 6 pros vs 4 cons, I still don’t have any idea which one to choose. Some of you maybe could see the solution by now. Me? I still confused ok!

I admit, I may sounds so greedy and stingy or too calculative in considering whether to go for CD or not. Yes I am! I admit guys! I want the best for my future baby and of course for my money that I’ve to earn and save hardly every month.

Those who really close to me maybe notice I wasn’t that “taking risk” type of people. I always ask around before deciding to buy anything. I think maybe because I’m not a window shopping type of person. Usually, I and hubby won’t go to shopping mall unless we have something to buy or hunt. Other than that, we mostly spend our time leisure around with our family members, be it my husband’s side or my family side. So, I seriously not that up to date when talking about anything that you might found is common. So, that’s why I don’t like to take a risk to try that or this thing and later on regret and feel so pity at myself/hubby for spending our money for something that not worth it for our money.

Is that wrong guys? Being an ordinary earner, I think, this is the best way of making sure that I spend the best for every cent that I earn every month. Of course sometimes I do make mistakes though I had asked around. But, at least not as much as if I were to decide myself rite?

So, people, opinion pleaseeeee? I now feel like head banging already.... Helpppppp!!!!!! Helpppppppp!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

MILO kotak kurang manis satuuuuu!!!

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Malam tadi, patutnya sia dengan hubby menghadiri satu wedding di KGPA. Siap-siap bungkus hadiah, sia pulak tiba-tiba rasa ndak sedap badan… Macam mau muntah.. Satu kali, uweeeekkkkkk!!!!! Puas dapat muntah! Kluar segala nasi lemak makcik Temah yang dimakan pagi tadi.. memang confirmlah sia belum boleh makan lauk-pauk yang warna merah ni… Hmmmm… Lepas ni, jeraklah mau makan sudah yang kaler2 merah ni.. Nampak gayanya, tunggu lepas beranaklah….

Memandangkan sudah lambat dan ndak jadi ke wedding tu, sia dengan hubby keluar makan di warung western kegemaran kami jak di AU2. Dan seperti biasa, kami dua-dua orang order lamb chop…


Dan diserikan lagi dengan air tembikai gelas besar…


Blllllllrrrrppppp! Kenyang yang amat! Habis satu gelas air tembikai tuh sia kasi setel!

Lepas kenyang, sia dengan hubby pigi shopping barang dapur sikit di Jusco Setiawangsa (sebelah jak dengan gerai tuh pun). Sedang-sedang shopping, mata sia dengan hubby terbeliak! Hah! :shock: RM6.29 sahaja?! Oh tidak!!!!!! Selalu harganya dalam RM8.49…. Sia pandang hubby, hubby pandang sia…

Sia: Nak ambik berapa banyak ni bang? :roll:
Hubby: Ntah… Amik 2? :???:
Sia: Hmmmm… Amik 3 lah… (Padahal dalam hati "Amik banyak2 boleh ndak?")
Hubby: Hmmm… Alang-alang amik 4 trus ah….. Eh! Amik 5 lah... Ni pun belum tentu cukup… ok?
Sia: Ok aje! :grin:

Apa yang kami gaduhkan? Ni diaaaaa…….


Kan penuh 1 peti sejuk tuh… Puas hati! Hohohhoohohohoho……. Ndak boleh hidup wooo tanpa ini barang kebelakangan ni... Patutlah sia suka shop di Jusco kan? :mrgreen: (Alasan!) Pssstttt. Sudah dapat 30 kotak tuh pun lokek lagi mau kasi hubby pow... Ish! Ish! Ish! Tamak betul mama nih.... mama mau membesar bagai juara maaaaa :razz:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Instant Noodle?

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Alhamdulillah… Today is a Raya Day for me! I had finished all my 10 days “Puasa Ganti”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeehaaaa!!! Yipeeeeee!!!! Yahooooo!!!!!!! Yepa! Yepa!


Since I’m not that big appetite eater type, I don’t have any specific food to eat to celebrate my Raya Day today. I only had Nasi Lemak Makcik Temah (Tak Habis pun) and a bit Nasi Ayam (pow hubby's).....

Oh ya! Guess what I had for my last breaking fast yesterday? I had Maggi curry mee, made by hubby…. Huhuhuhu…. What a heaven dowh!

I know.. I know I shouldn’t have that during my preggy… I do feel guilty having that.... But, yesterday was a very tiring day for me to go out to find any food to eat. Though hubby offered to buy anything for me, nothing appeared in my mind on what to eat. So, I nicely smile at hubby and ask for my normal fav food which I can get free from our home sweet home…. Maggi curry mee with stir fry onion, chilli padi and egg… Fuh! It’s a finger licking good man! Seriously!

Talking about instant noodle (IN), actually I’m a big fan of IN ever since I was a kid. If you ask me why, I also dont know why. I still remember that the same menu that I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph (minus the chili padi) was my fav breakfast prepared by my mom whenever I had chance to stay with my mom and my dad (read: I starts stay with my grandma when I entered my kinder).

However, when I entered my secondary, my mom suddenly banned any IN noodle to be eaten during my schooling except on school holiday. This was prolonging until I finished my SPM exam. The reason that my mom always mentioned is, that Maggi wasn’t good for a student’s brain like me, plus I’m having a bad gastric problem when I was form 3 (that bloody doc ask my mom to stop giving me any IN because he claimed that the MSG inside the IN could caused my gastric problem, which might be right or might be created!).

When I entered my Uni time, I was crazy mazy in buying an IN. So, I guess you all could imagine how excited I am when I have the freedom to have that Maggi curry mee without feeling afraid being scolded by my mom? I had 2 boxes (shoe boxes) that always had an IN stock in it. I think my 1st year’s hostel friends (especially Ami, Fanor, Dbot, Ndot) know about this very well… They even know where to find IN if they were out of stock of theirs in the middle of midnight… You know why I need 2 boxes? 1 for fried noodle type and another one were for soupy type. What a complete sets huh? I’ve tried lot types of IN during my 4 years course in UTM. From Maggi, Mamee, Indo-Mi…. You just name it, as long as it got that halal logo.

Hmmmmm…… after finishing my Uni courses with a moderate grades, I’m now like agreed with my mom excuses for not letting me had that IN so frequently. But, what can I do? I haven’t feel boring yet to have that IN (Maggi curry mee to be specific) even until to date. People might be right when saying, people like to do whatever that people ask them no to do… In my case, I like to have that IN because my mom doesn’t let me to have it freedomly…. Hmmmmm…. Excuses… Excuses….. And excuses every time… People like to give excuses to do whatever is wrong…. This is not good! Critically not good example! Hope I’ll be boring and fed up with this IN….. Who knows what will happen in future huh?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Induction Course

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Last week, I’m so happy because I’m expecting something (good news of course) from somebody/agency. On last Tuesday, the good news finally came. Somebody told me that I’ve been chosen to attend an induction course on this coming June. I was so happy to hear about the news until yesterday came.

The same somebody called me and told me that the induction course will be held somewhere in outskirt of KL. That’s meannnnnn… preggy woman like me might not be allowed to join the course… Uwaaaaaa!!!!!

And…. Today, I called the organizer, and...... it’s confirmed! I can’t join them!!!!!! How I was so upset with the news….. How I feel so desperate to finish the course before I can get my confirmation letter…. Why? Why? Why? Why me?


Never mind, I better listen to hubby’s advice. Maybe Allah has decided something better for me in future…. Who knows? There must be a hikmah behind it kan? I hope so…. I pray and redha for everything that He gave me this time… I always believed in Him…. Only He’s The Almighty knows what the best for His hamba like me kan?

P/s: Why somebody like Dexter have to bugs my life? Whyyyyyyy??????????? Syooh! Syooh! Please go away pleaseeeeeeee!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puasa Qada

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Reaching my 8 months pregnancy, this week will be a very tough week for a pregnant woman like me. I’m in a marathon to finish up my “Puasa Qada”. From 10 days at first, I had another 2 days to go after I finish one of them today. Wish me luck guys! And thanks a lot to hubby for helping to wake his wife and prepare the sahur every time. Though it’s a simple sahur, I admit that I really really appreciate his willingness to wake up very early in the morning just to prepare that for his wife. Every morning ok! Tima kasih Abang! Bini hargai sangat2! Sayang Abang sangat2 tau! (ayat bodek la tuh :lol: )

Talking about hubby helping me, when I first step in my marriage life, I always thought that I wont be as survivor as now. I think my mom also always had that worries seeing to her daughter’s laziness. However, day by day, Allah has proved me that I’m wrong. With hubby’s help, yes! I’m now confident that I could survive! I’m now confident to be a mother to our children in future, to be a wife to my beloved hubby, to be a daughter and daughter in law to my parents and parents in law and to be a sister and sister in law to my sister, brother and my sister in law. And again, with hubby’s support.

To be frank, I and hubby were totally different if we were to compare it with other couple. I always act like a hubby to him, and he is always acting like a wife to me. If you ask me how, it's a secret... Our marriage's Secret recipe :mrgreen: ... Hehehehhe... only those who really close to me knows how and why. It sounds like weird, but it's true! And.. it's works for us!

Despite being so different compared to other normal couples, we were happy being together for more than 2 years now. Happy that Allah finally granted us with the baby in my womb now and happy that our marriage life is happier from day by day now. We were so grateful to Him to make our marriage life better! Terima kasih ya Allah! Kami bersyukur sangat ya Allah!

To hubby: Terima kasih Abang sebab sentiasa cuba memahami bini Abang.... Selalu tolong Bini... Selalu cuba beralah dengan Bini... Sentiasa buat Bini rasa disayangi... Sentiasa jaga hati Bini... Bini hargai sangat2! Bini bahagia sangat2! I love you baby! MUaaahhhhh!

p/s: Hope Dexter wont bother to call me and nag me for the whole week so I can peacefully finish up my "Puasa Qada" this week! Aminnnn.....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ketagihan Pizza Hut

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Aktiviti hujung minggu? Ndak banyak pun selain shopping barang baby sikit dan shopping air MILO kotak mama baby… ehehhehe… Seriius wei! Sia kebelakangan ni memang ndak ada selera mau makan nasi. Mungkin sebab sia ndak boleh tahan bau lauk-pauk yang berminyak tu… Lama betul rasanya ndak menjamah nasi. Nasib baik ada air MILO… Jadinya, bolehlah kamu orang bayangkan berapa banyak air MILO yang sia minum dalam sehari kan? Tambah energy sebab ndak makan nasik lah… Ditambah pulak, sia langsung ndak lalu jugak minum air kosong, kecuali masa makan ubat-ubatan mengandung tuh. Tuh pun, dalam setengah gelas jaklah paling lebih pun dalam sehari.

Untuk tengahari dan malam, sia hanya terbayang-bayang European Sensation menu di Pizza Hut tuh jak. Samada French Creamy Chicken Spaghetti atau Cheezy Lava Stuff Crust Pizza. Aduyai! Yummy yang amat! Orang sekeliling yang tengok sia asyik makan menu ni pun sudah naik muak menengok mungkin. Macam ndak percaya pun ada tengok sia belum pandai-pandai bosan dengan menu-menu ni. Percayalah! Sedapppp!!! Hubby sia? Layankan jaklah daripada dia pulakk kena fikir mau kasi bininya ni makan apa kan?

Hmmm… Bapak mertua sia baru dapat khidmat cemerlang ni… Menunggu jak masa mau belanja anak-anaknya makan ni… Patutkah sia cadangkan ke Pizza Hut? :lol:

Cakap pasal makan-makan ni, teringat pulak hari Sabtu hari tu sia temankan hubby pigi makan di Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa cawangan baru di Jusco Setiawangsa. Uish! Mahal mau mampus! Nasi lemak kosong jak, RM2.95. Ayam goreng seketul, RM4.95. Milo Ais, RM3.55 (sudahlah cair gilak!). Sia pulak, mencubalah Choc Cake with Ice cream, RM… Memanglah ndak berbaloi dengan rasanya yang ndak seberapa tuh. Berapa bungkus nasi lemak ayam + paru + serunding daging Makcik Temah boleh dapat tuh! (nota: nasi lemak kegemaran keluarga sebelah mertua sia. Memang sedap dan murah!) Sorry lah kepada peminat-peminat restoran ni. Sia memang ndak puas hatilah dengan harga makanan dan kualiti makanan di restoran ni! Macam ndak ada harapan jak kami akan berkunjung lagi ke restoran ni.

[caption id="attachment_1913" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Nasi lemak"]Nasi lemak[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1914" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Milo Ais tercair yang pernah sia minum!"]Milo Ais tercair yang pernah sia minum![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1915" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Choc cake paling ndak berkualiti pernah sia makan!"]Choc cake paling ndak berkualiti pernah sia makan![/caption]

Ah! cukup-cukuplah cerita pasal ke "ndakbest" an Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa ni. cerita pasal termos pulak. ngeeee....

Ingat ndak hari tuh sia ada cakap dalam entry yang lepas termos yang baru kami beli sudah meletup? Hah! Malam tadi kami beli yang baru punya.. Siap beli 2 lagi.. Satu untuk baby, satu untuk mama baby.. Beli yang stainless steel vacuum flask. Jerak (serik) beli yang conventional type. Takut meletup lagi sekali. Puas hati! Cantik pun cantik, sleek pun sleek!

[caption id="attachment_1916" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Merah untuk mama baby, dark blue untuk baby. Ayah baby? Share dengan mama jaklah ya Ayah! :mrgreen:"]Merah untuk mama baby, dark blue untuk baby. Ayah baby? Share dengan mama jaklah ya Ayah! :mrgreen:[/caption]

p/s (utk Puan Nozie): Alhamdulillah akak dah khatam beli barang2 baby. Nanti ada masa akak buat satu entry khas untuk tatapan Nozie k!

Friday, May 15, 2009

MOther's Day Awards

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Hehehhehe.... Proudly announcing, I received these awards from Kak Aishah



MOther to be pun boleh eik? TQ kak Aishah yerp!

So, now I’m giving the awards to all mothers and mother to be in my dearest friend’s list:-
1. Azah Azura
2. Chema
3. Dongan
4. Kak Elin
5. Kak Fynn
6. Kak Ina
7. Kak Watie
8. Kokek
9. Ninie Minie
10. Nisa
11. Nozie
12. Puan Mastur
13. Reen

Oh yerp! Last 2 days, hubby wasn’t around. He went outstation to PD. So, Cik Suhai and cik Czah so nicely came to my ‘teratak buruk’ and accompany this ‘mak buyung’. It’s been so long since we all gathered like this. I really enjoy the moment! After this, I don’t know whether we all will have the same chance to gather again. Thanks ya korang! Best betul borak-borak dengan korang malam tuh walaupun sekejap sangat!

Insya Allah, our Uni batch will gather at Cik Czah’s wedding at Kuala Lipis on this coming 31st May. Congrates cik Czah! I will update the story mory after the ceremony later k! Tungguuuuu......

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Geram! Geram aku geram!

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Pernah ndak anda berhadapan dengan situasi di mana anda menjadi mangsa di atas kepandaian orang lain? Ya! Sia baru jak jadi mangsa kemarin pagi… Kereta sia dilanggar oleh seorang penunggang motor dalam sesak-sesak di MRR2… Sia pun ndak tau mau salahkan siapa… Samada, pemandu wanita yang tiba-tiba brek mengejut ndak tentu pasal tuh di depan sia, ataupun penunggang motor yang mengekor di belakang terlalu dekat? Eeeeeee… geram betul lah! Ndak pasal-pasal cacat kecantikan kereta kesayangan sia tuh!

Walaubagaimanapun, sia tetap bersyukurlah…. Sebab, nasib baik kecacatan tuh ndak teruk… Ndak da kemek… calar jak dan cat terkopek sikit… Tapi, sakit jugak mata ni tengok kan? Tengok lah gambar di bawah ni… geram tahu?!


Ndak habis dengan kegeraman pagi kemarin, ada lagi satu hamba Allah ni menambah kegeraman sia kemarin…

Ikutkan, patutnya, hari ni sia patut pigi ada satu kursus di Penang. Tapi, disebabkan beberapa masalah yang malas sia mau reveal di sini, terpaksalah rakan sepejabat sia yang terchenta tolong gantikan sia…. Tapi, sebelum selesai semua proses menggantikan tu, adalah hamba Allah ni cadangkan pada rakan sia yang lagi satu supaya kami pigi ke Penang tuh naik flight jak. Member ni pun cakaplah ndak bolehlah kan memandangkan sia ni preggy sudah lebih 7 bulan. Mana ada airline yang mau bawak orang preggy lebih 7 bulan… Lagipun, doctor pun mestilah sah-sah akan ndak bagi kan? Lepas tuh, hamba Allah ni boleh jawab ke kawan sia ni “Alah… Saya dulu 9 bulan pun selambe je naik flight, takde pape pun” Ya Allah! Riaknya kata-kata hamba Allah ni! Agaknya, hamba Allah ni lupa roda itu bulat kan?

Sia kan, bila mendengar kata-kata tuh kan, memang benganglah yang amat… Iyalah, sia ni sudahlah pertama kali mengandung.. Cucu sulung dua-dua belah pulak tuh. Agak-agaklah kan, sia berani ka ambil risiko kalau perkara-perkara macam ni? Mestilah ndak kan? Sia ni, bukanlah jenis yang terlalu strict pasal itu ini semasa dalam sia mengandung ni. Tapi, dalam hal yang memang sah-sah semua orang tahu ketidakbolehannya macam perkara ni, memanglah sia ndak berani mau ambil risiko. Gila ka apa?! Hamba Allah tuh memanglah… Sia ndak kisahlah… Ikut dia punya sukalah mau cakap apa… Dia punya turn sudah lepas bolehlah cakap riak macam tuh kan… Tapi, dia lupa ka dia tuh ada anak perempuan? Cakap tuh biarlah berlapik, jangan main lepas jak….. Jagalah sikit hati orang lain…. Islam kan mengajar kita supaya hormat-menghormati antara satu sama lain antara umat-Nya…. Kalau sudah buat orang naik menyampah macam ni, (nota: ni bukan kali pertama ok!) lu pikirlah sendiri! Semoga Allah memberi rahmat dan hidayah-Nya kepada hamba Allah ni…. Mintak-mintaklah dia akan berubah jugak suatu hari nanti. Amin…….

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Selamat Hari Ibu

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Asyik terlambat ucap jak kan sia ni? Apa-apa pun, sia mau jugak ucapkan Selamat Hari Ibu kepada semua ibu-ibu…..

Hari Sabtu hari tu, adalah buat sedikit sambutan Hari Ibu di rumah mertua sia.. Kami beli kek jak dan makan beramai-ramai… Nasib baiklah kebetulan ramai orang di rumah mertua sia.. Laku la kek yang bukannya besar mana tuh pun….

Oh ya! Hari Sabtu pagi tu pulak, pejabat sia ada buat bowling tournament. Buat di Brem Mall, Kepong. Ok jugak tempatnya. Shopping complex baru. Harga pun berpatutan. Meriah yang amat wei! Walaupun sia ndak main dan sekadar menjadi AJK, sia enjoy jugak dapat join semua orang hari tu. Dapatlah beramah mesra dengan rakan-rakan sepejabat yang mungkin jarang-jarang bertegur sapa. Ni ada sedikit gambar pada hari berkenaan…..

[caption id="attachment_1878" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Kaunter pendaftaran"]Kaunter pendaftaran[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1879" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Hadiah yang menanti pemenang-pemenang"]Hadiah yang menanti pemenang-pemenang[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1900" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="door gift untuk peserta-peserta. Comel kan?"]door gift untuk peserta-peserta. Comel kan?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1880" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Aksi juara (ketua-ketua bahagian yang sangat sporting)"]Aksi juara (ketua-ketua bahagian yang sangat sporting)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1881" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Pihak pemerhati tetap :mrgreen:"]Pihak pemerhati tetap :mrgreen:[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1882" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Gambar dengan peserta-peserta"]Gambar dengan peserta-peserta[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1883" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Memerhati result"]Memerhati result[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1884" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Wakil wanita dari bahagian kami :lol:"]Wakil wanita dari bahagian kami :lol:[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1885" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Antara pemenang..."]Antara pemenang...[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1886" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Perhati jaklah orang lain yang menang"]Perhati jaklah orang lain yang menang[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1887" align="aligncenter" width="389" caption="Semangat secawangan yang jitu! ngeh! ngeh! ngeh!"]Semangat secawangan yang jitu! ngeh! ngeh! ngeh![/caption]

Hari Ahad malam Isnin pulak, sia dengan Puan DOngan berkunjung ke KGPA (Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam) di Damansara. Kami menghadiri majlis kahwin ex-UTM, Shuk dengan pasangannya Syamira. Ni Gambar da cilok dari blog Puan Dongan. TQ Puan Do! :mrgreen:

[caption id="attachment_1894" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="pelamin... tinggi nun di sinun....."]pelamin... tinggi nun di sinun.....[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1895" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="penantin...... "]penantin......  [/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1896" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="pasangan bujang malam tuh :cool:"]pasangan bujang malam tuh :cool:[/caption]

Tahniah buat Shuk & Syamira! Semoga Bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Selamat Cuti Hari Buruh!

0 orang pot pet
Sia nampak macam malas mau update blog kebelakangan ni kan? Bukan malas…. Sia betul-betul sibuk semenjak dua menjak ni. Di pejabat… di rumah…. Memang kadang-kadang ndak ada masa menjengah blog kesayangan sia ni…

Oklah.. Update cerita-cerita yang berlaku semenjak cuti Hari Buruh hari tu… Belum lambat rasanya mau ucapkan Selamat Hari Buruh kan? Selamat Hari Buruh pembaca-pembaca yang telah menikmatinya! :mrgreen: Sia sendiri dengan hubby sangat-sangatlah menikmati cuti ni dengan sepenuh hati :D

Hari Mengemas Sedunia
Syukur lah sangat-sangat hari Jumaat hari tu cuti. Sia dengan hubby telah menggunakan sepenuhnya masa sehari suntuk mengemas rumah hari Jumaat hari tuh. Kemas apa? Macam-macamlah dikemas. Alhamdulillah. Semua sudah selesai. Tinggal sikit-sikit jak yang minor.. Yang major, semua sudah selesai, termasuklah cuci baju-baju baby dan peralatan-peralatan baby. Tapi, yang ndak syioknya, termos yang baru kami beli (nota: selama kami kawin, kami ndak pernah pun beli termos) pecah sebelum sempat digunakan. Chet! Memang ndak ada rezeki… Ndak pasal-pasal melayang duit macam tuh jak… Ndak apalah.. Adalah tuh rezeki lain….

IKEA lagi…
Hari Sabtu pulak, sia dengan hubby sekali lagi berkunjung ke IKEA. Bukan pigi beli barang yang mahal-mahal pun. Setakat menambah laci baju, rail untuk gantung baju dan sikit-sikit barang yang murah-murah…. Murah-murah pun main rat jugak… Hmmmm… Apa boleh buat…. Itu jak pilihan yang kami ada memandangkan rumah kami ni ndak boleh guna perabot atau almari kayu… Kenaklah beli barangan berunsurkan plastik atau besi jak… Ini semua sebab serangan kulat! Malas mau layan ayik kerja mengelap kulat jak!

Melawat Kak Ina Di Hospital Selayang
Lepas balik dari IKEA, sia dengan hubby singgah melawat kak Ina yang baru operate melahirkan anak keduanya di Hospital Selayang. Alhamdulillah semua selamat… Cuma, masih belum boleh keluar hospital sebab baby terlalu kecil… 1.7kg… ndak dapat pun tengok baby hari tu… Dapat jumpa mama dengan papanya jak… Syukur semua selamat. Kak Ina terpaksa lahirkan baby lebih awal sebab BP tiba-tiba naik. Ndak kisahlah kan. Yang paling penting, semuanya ok!

Berpindah bilik pejabat.
Hari Isnin baru-baru ni, pejabat sia buat rombakan besarrrrrrr…. Ada bos baru masuk. Disebabkan ruang kerja yang terhad, kami yang junior-junior ni kenaklah dipindahkan… Berkongsilah bilik seramai 4 orang sebilik. Jadinya… hari Isnin hari tuh, boleh dikatakan 1 hari tuh kami semua ndak efisien langsung…. Sibuk mengemas barang… Setup ruangan kerja balik…. Tapi, yang paling ndak best, line telefon dan line local network ada 1 jak untuk dikongsi berempat! Terpaksalah berganti-gantian guna kedua-dua kemudahan tuh… Nasib baiklah duduk dengan semua sekepala…. Kalau ndak, susah jugak…. Ada bestnya jugak duduk ramai-ramai ni… ndak boring…. Cuma ndak ada privacy jaklah kan…. kalau mau bertelefon ka… mengumpat ka…. mau kentut ka…. Hahahhahhaha……. Yang lain-lain, semua ok!

Oh ya! Hari Isnin dengan Selasa baru ni, Chema ada di KL. Report duty minah tuh! Kerana tuntutan kerja yang ndak berkesudahan tuh, sia dengan Puan Dongan sempat pigi makan tengahari hari Isnin tuh jak dengan Chema. Lepas tuh, sempat jumpa dia pagi Selasa tuh jak sebelum dia bertolak balik ke JB. Apa-apa pun sia tumpang gembira sebab Chema dapat jugak mintak pindah ke JB berbanding penempatan asal yang dia dapat di Terengganu. Nasib baik kan Chema? Kalau tidakkkkkkkk….. Congrates Chema! Lenkali kita gather2 lagi ek!

Selain daripada cerita-cerita di atas, ndak ada apa yang menarik kecuali pasal kerja dan kerja dan kerja lagi…. Lagipun, hubby kenak outstation ke Kelantan sampai hari Jumaat ni… Sedihlah jugak…. Tapi, apa boleh buat… Tuntutan kerja kan… Sabar jaklah… Semoga hubby selamat pergi dan selamat balik…. Ya Allah! Kau lindungilah suamiku ya Allah! Hanya Engkau tempat aku bermohon ya Allah! Aminnnnn……

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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