Friday, February 5, 2010

RM50 service tax for credit card

Last month, I received one letter from Direct Access. When I opened the letter, I saw a Platinum credit card inside. I was like, why the sent me this credit card? I had never apply…

After questioning myself then only I realize this one piece of paper that attached together with that Platinum credit card. Then only I knew that the Platinum credit card was offered freely to me sort of like token of appreciation for being their loyal or what so ever customer to them. I’m like ouhhhhhhh…… Ok, maybe I should call the CSR officer to ask for the benefits of holding this Platinum credit card.

Then, I call the CSR officer…

While waiting to talk to the CSR officer, I suddenly overheard the machine operator saying something about RM50 annual service tax. Hmmm… Then I suddenly remembered the 2010 Budget tabling on end of last year. Haiyooooo….

Hoping that Direct Access will absorb the service tax for their customer, I ask for a clarification from their CSR officer. Sadly, they said they won’t absorb the service tax, instead offering customer to use their bonus point to pay them. Erkkkk? I don’t think I have enough bonus point to pay the tax…. Besides, I had planned to redeem something that more valuable than to use them to pay that tax!

Call me stingy or whatsoever… I don’t mind… I admit I am so stingy when comes to paying anything to the credit card provider. Be it that tax, interest or annual fee. That’s why I only use credit card that offered free for life from annual fee and always pay my credit card bill on time, although I have to dig my savings to pay them! I won’t let banks to get my money freely, not even a penny ok!

Ok, back to that RM50 annual service tax issue. 1 week after I made the call to Direct Access CSR officer, Bank Rakyat offered me their Islamic credit card. If I’m not mistaken, this was not the 1st time that I get this kind of offer. Last time, I never think twice and will look at them and say “ Sorry…. Saya dah ada kad kredit. Terima kasih” But, this time, I ask them “kredit kad ni ada kena bayar yang RM50 service tax tu tak?” Surprisingly, they said NO! I like, really? I then quickly apply the credit card, and now waiting for the credit card to be arrived. In their brochure I didn’t see anything stated that they will waive the tax. But, who cares. I have the contact no of the girl and her full name. And she also convinced me that she’s not lying. Hopefully they don’t bluff me.

Hmmm…. I have another 4 months before I terminate my Direct Access credit card. To be honest, I like the credit card so much. I never had any problem using them, be it the master or the visa. And I’m satisfied whenever I talked to their CSR officer through phone for any issues regarding my credit card. But what to do? We just not meant to be together anymore, just because that RM50 SERVICE TAX! I HATE IT SO MUCH TO PAY THAT TAX OK!


To Direct Access credit card provider,

If you reading this and could consider to waive the tax for me, please feel free to re-offer me ya! I would gladly like the offer and really want to be your customer again. Tq!

3 orang pot pet on "RM50 service tax for credit card"

Gua! on February 5, 2010 at 9:03 AM said...

apa boleh buat..rakyat didahulukannnn, rakyat yang kena dahuluuuuu...

Fynnaz on February 8, 2010 at 5:00 PM said...

Tak tau pun Aweng dah bertukar pada blogspot. Tu yang carik2 wordpress tidak jumpa dah!

Kak Fin link kan nanti k. Dongan mu pun sekali tauuuu!

mama glam on February 12, 2010 at 10:50 AM said...

ipin: yer lah.. haish!

kak fynn: lorrr... kan ada link kat dalam wordpress. xpe, aweng dah send msg thru FB.. kasik password k!

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