Thursday, October 30, 2008

Course at Langkawi

Am now at Langkawi! Ngeh ngeh ngeh… I’ll be away from office for 3 days until this Friday… good for me! And also thank God that I have 2 good friends who also coming for the course. Hope we can enjoy the momentos here… hahhahaha…

Hubby sent me to KL Sentral and I took ERL to KLIA.. very convenient…. I also arrived at KL Sentral 2 hrs earlier than my scheduled flight, so that I can check in my luggage at KL Sentral… I only have to carry my handbag with hubby’s laptop inside :D

Some infos for you on advantages of using ERL:
- If you buy return ticket, you will be given 1 day free parking if you planning to drive and park your car at KL Sentral
- Safe journey to KLIA from KL Sentral (don’t have to worry about your safety from kidnapping by taxi driver or car accident)
- Take you only 28 mins travel duration from KL Sentral-KLIA. No traffic jams at all!
- Hassle free for your spouse from long journey sending you to KLIA
- You could have beautiful green scenery along the way to KLIA
- Or you could just sleep in here peacefully if you too tired :)

I arrived at KLIA at 9.45am… so early as my flight scheduled at 11.05am. So, me and other friend of mine, Kak Mas lepaking in KLIA while waiting for our flight. The flight delayed for half an hour! Arggggghhhhh!!!!

I like this photo. snap it while the plane reached langkawi

Arrived at Langkawi at 1pm… Then, we noticed that there are 4 of us that been in same flight at that time. One of my friends suggested to us to renting a car, so that we all can go anywhere in Langkawi with hassle free. And after traveling around Langkawi town this evening, I really feel his idea was brilliant because it is still cheap renting a Wira for RM60 for the whole day rather than taking a cab from airport-hotel-langkawi town which will also cost us around RM30 for going trip only! Meaning, it will reach same rate as renting a car for the whole day when you taking another cab for return trip. And you will have to add more cost if you wish to go to other places than the Kuah Town. So, we managed to fully utilize the car by making trip from Airport-Hotel-Kuah Town-Idaman Suri-Kuah Town again-Hotel. We were really tired by the time we reached our hotel at 6pm in the evening. We go from one shop to another shop to compare prices and we managed to get the best price for every item that we bought. Below is the photo of the items that I bought today… ehehehhe….

At 7.40pm, we had our dinner at our hotel. The food was good for 3 star hotel… and for the 1st time in my life having a very thick fish soup in this hotel… it wasn’t look like a soup, it was too thick to be call a soup…it looks like a gravy for something or I don’t know… you see the pic below….

Actually, Im happy that they choose this hotel for this bengkel… The hotel was ok for me… the rate, the room, the green scenery… tomorrow I will update photos of this hotel. I tell you, seriously worth it for the price though you may find very hard to find public transport from the hotel to the Langkawi town (you may consider to rent a car like us :D I still feel it’s worth it!)…

At nite, we start our bengkel at about 8.30pm… It last for 2 and half hrs before we all could go back to our room… oh ya! For the supper, they serve us with bubur pulut hitam and tuna sandwich… which also very nice to my tongue! Really Marvelous!

At this time, again I feel the hotel wasn’t that “kedekut” type and very reasonable with the rate of RM160 per nite… I wish tomorrow’s photo could tell you all why…

Ok you all, have to sleep now… too tired shopping at Kuah Town this evening :D until my next entry… tata titi tutu….

7 orang pot pet on "Course at Langkawi"

Nisa said...

bestnya pegi langkawi. siap beli glass luminarc lagi. mahal tak? aweng kalo jalan2 lagi tolong survey set pinggan corelle..hihi

Nisa said...

btw, apa nama hotel yg ko stay? ececehh..mcm interested je kan aku nie..hihihi

Jacq said...

patutla tak jumpa u. sempat tak balik esok pagi untuk jamuan perpisahan Datin?

amisah said...

Nisa: ehehhe.. aku pun x tahu samada murah ker tak... tapi, dah sampai, aku beli jek... aku dapat RM21 utk set 6 gelas.. murah tak? ada jugak set lain.. paling murah RM15/set.. paling mahal RM29/set ... aku ada beli jug jugak.. ala jug biasa jek.. yang kurus tinggi tuh.... aku survey byk kedai aku dapat paling murah RM10 satu... murah tak?

pinggan correlle? ada baaaanyak... kalau tak silap aku rega dia range dalam Rm299-Rm499.. ikut design.. murah tak? esok tengahari aku sempat lagi nak pusing kalu ko nak pesan.. lagipun, luggage aku tak banyak.. geng aku pun ada free 20kg lagi :)

aku dok hotel langkasuka beach resort

jac: oh ye ke? tak sempat la jac... i punya flight pukul 5.30pm... you kirim salam jer lah kat datin...

Nisa on October 31, 2008 at 5:16 PM said...

hotel langkasuka diorg cakap mmg ok. pastu nanti simpan no tel kereta sewa tu skali ekk..hihi
camni.. aku email ko design pinggan corelle tu pastu ko tlg check ada ke tak. kalo ada ko sms aku ye..hihi

amisah said...

nanti aku cuba check email aku...

khairul anwar on May 24, 2010 at 2:22 AM said...


Saje nak share..saya ada menjual Corelle daripada USA dengan harga yang murah daripada pasaran. Ada ready stock dan ada juga pre order.

Bayaran boleh dibuat secara ansuran dan tidak lama lagi, pembayaran secara kad kredit pun boleh.

Jomlah layari sekarang utk jamu2 mate..hehe.. Jumpa anda di sana :)

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