Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st working day after longggg day off

Seems like Im very lazy to update my blog lately huh? Its not like that. This was due to my bad health condition that I facing lately. Yes, I cured from my demam, but, the flu n coughing haven’t gone away yet. I still have it even until today. Im like fed up taking any medicine anymore. But, I think, today I will go and see doc again and ask for more medicine, since free kan? I couldn’t stand the antibiotic smell when peeing lah! Kuat gilos!

Ok lah, finished with that.

Today was my 1st working day after very looonnngggg day away from it since my raya holiday. When arrived at about 8.10am, my colleague suddenly told me that I have another course to attend today, for 2 days some more. Ah? Again? Aiyak! Im just planning to clear my mail inbox and clear anything that unclear on my table, and again have to attend courses. Adush lah… what to do, SYMP…

So, im being very unefficient on my 1st day of working.

You know what? I fed up with my works now! Please somebody help me and motivate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 orang pot pet on "1st working day after longggg day off"

JAcq said...

Jgn malas!! Sieze the day..you don't know how much you can touch other people's life..

Azaza fighting!!

amisah said...

tq jac for your trying to cheers me up.....
am trying.... and trying and trying again... the best!

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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