Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parenting can turn you into a calmer person?

I remembered, last time when I and hubby were a newly married couple, our marriage was full of lots of argument. We argue over so many things that sometimes you might think that we shouldn’t. So many times that we argue on simple things like choosing the right speed of ceiling fan for sleeping at night, argue on which side of the cupboard belongs to whose shirts, argue on pattern of storing our folded shirts and etc. And FYI, we argued on the same issues almost everyday and I as his other half never tired of pulling my sour faces which my mom called “muka no.8” just to show that ‘hey! you are getting on my verve now!’

Over all the newly married experiences that I go through with hubby, the funniest things that always makes me smile by myself recently is the stupid way that I used to confronted hubby so that he would persuade me and say sorry (though he actually shouldn’t) just to make me smile, where that will be the end of our argument usually. I won’t let him sleep at night if I’m not satisfied with the way he apologizes to me. At first, I would cry. If it doesn’t work, I will throw all the pillows and the blanket on the floor so that he only left with one pillow on his head (or sometimes I even took that pillow so that he don’t feel comfortable sleeping without a pillow). If all these still don’t work, I will make a noise so that he gets angry and wake up to settle the problem and hugs me to sleep… Hehhehehhe….

But, over those silly ways of confrontation, I should proud of myself that I at that time so clever in hiding our argument in front of my in laws every time. And that will be the toughest time that I have to go through where never we had our argument on. Or, to avoid this hard time, I will opt to just stay at home while he going to my in law’s place. It’s safe rather than acting like nothing happen between you and your hubby (and yet you have to eat the angry feeling by yourself right?)

I admit actually that I’m the one who so sensitive over so many things that happened in our marriage. And as a typical woman, I’m also very hard to be persuaded, because I like him for saying sorry to me so many times before getting really calm, or saying sorry and at the same time hugs me to show that he actually really meant to say sorry for his wrongdoings. Welll, woman.. We like to be pampered by our husband… Who else we have other than them? And why having a husband if he cannot pamper you right?

As time flies, I’m now feeling that I’m calmer than before. Reaching our 4th years of marriage, I don’t use that tactic anymore so that my hubby could win over my heart. I am now letting him to hurt my feeling without needing him to persuade me anymore. I know how to console myself. But, sometimes when his wrongdoings piles up too high, that’s the time where the 3rd war world will be started! Hahahhahahaha. At that point of time, only Aimee could win my heart with her cheekiness and her kisses. What a lucky you abang for having her to save you life!

You see? How we women can change drastically from a hot temper to a calmer person? I think, all these happened just because of us being a parent! I noticed that when Aimee was born to this world almost 2 years ago. Having a baby could teach you a lot to be a forbearing person. You will have to tolerate over so many things that you couldn’t imagine of. By the time flies, parenting will mature you and automatically change the way of you viewing this short life. Believe me!

And to be honest, I’m so happy with my marriage life from day to day. I feel so blissful having my hubby by my side & my lovely daughter to cheers our life everyday! I love you both sayang! Thank you for being patient to me all this while. I appreciate it so much dear! I swear!


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melratm on March 1, 2011 at 3:40 PM said...

i Love you

'cik puan' inah jeliterrr... on March 1, 2011 at 9:04 PM said...

kes buang2 bantal tgh2 mlm tu especially bila tak puas ati mmg sama ngan aku...hahaha
tp betul la weng,
semakin lama kita hidup dgn partner kita...
kita pun semakin berubah selalunya ke arah yg lebih baik kan?
lg2 bila da nak jadi mama&bapa kan?

ninieZUERYANNIE on March 2, 2011 at 3:52 PM said...

kihkihkih.. taktik yg same..

Sue Elin on March 3, 2011 at 10:45 AM said...

for the 1st 5years-there will be alot of arguments in the air..its the next 10 yang akan buat situasi to become immune..im 3 years away to my immunity:)

mama glam on March 3, 2011 at 4:55 PM said...

muzamil: u know i love u too kan? Muahhhh!

inah: setuju!

ninie: hahahhahha... patut selalu jadik partner in crime

k elin: haiyoooo! so far a way for me to my immunity =( btw, hope & pray i will reach it one day (earlier plsss..)

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