Monday, November 30, 2009

To let go or not?

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I bought the above tudung from Riqa last week. When I received the parcel, I tried to match it with my baju kurungs and my blouses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t match it with any of them.. Uwaaaaa….. Then, hubby asks me to sell it back which I’m not feeling to… Instead, I’m thinking of find a plain baju kurung to match it with the tudung.

So, yesterday, I went to Jakel again, but I FORGOT TO BRING THE TUDUNG! Aiyak! To make another trip to Jakel, for sure it will burn my wallet again (For sure I wont come back home with just a 1 piece kan?).

Hmmm… so, what do you think? Should I let go the tudung or should I go to Jakel to find a matching kain baju kurung?

p/s: If I were to let it go, I will make an auction to make sure people wont interested to buy it, so that I will have an excuses to tell my hubby that I have no choice but to buy a matching baju kurung for it… Hahahahhaha…..

updated on 4th dec 2009: found matching kain baju kurung at jakel! And, as expected, I brought back 2 pieces ok! Kan sudah ku bilang!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blame Mama Qisya!

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I had never been to Jakel before this…

This afternoon, Mama Qisya offer to drive me there. I’m like… “Ok, mungkin boleh jugak.. Jalan-jalan tengok jak”

Once I reached there,

1st round, I didn’t buy anything….

2nd round, Mama Qisya bought 1 piece…

3rd round, I didn’t buy anything…

4th round, I also didn’t buy anything yet…

Go up and down, up and down….

Finally, I went back to the 1st place where I didn’t grab anything…. I choose 1 piece….

Called my MIL and ask her for my SIL’s wedding theme. “Ok. Berita faham”

Ask the sales girl to find the color… Grab another piece…

After make payment, thinking of worthiness of the 1st piece that I bought…

Hmmm.. “Maybe I should take a look again there…”


I end up buying 3 pieces! Kopak!

Blame Mama Qisya!


1. What ever it is, I feel so great to have all the 3 pieces. Like the Celcom advert said “berbaloi-baloi”. Huhuhu… Lagipun, it's been a year since I bought my very last baju kurung... And... I might consider this as a birthday present for this year? So, ayah, ada bran mau sponsor yang mana2? nak sponsor smua pun boleh! ehehhehe

2. Riqa sold another piece to me today. Yeay!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Geget baru tau!

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Hilang mood!

Patut 3.. gitu gini, gitu gini, last last, end up 1 jak!

Tengok gambar2 di bawah ni...

photos credit to riqa

Macam mana ndak geram kan?
Haish! Geram, Rasa macam mau geget jak budak riqa tuh!

Ndak pa, ndak pa.. Allah mau suruh jimat duit ni... everything happen for a reason kan? mesti lainkali ada yang lebih cantik daripada yang ndak dapat tuh (ececcece.. dan dan.. pujuk diri sendiri supaya ndak terlalu kecewa la tuh)

sudah terjebak dengan online shopping la ni ya? aduiiii.....

p/s: ngan, pengajaran untuk kita... lenkali, musti mau cepat! huh! (hahahha.. sempat lagi tuh)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DIA datang....

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2 3 hari lepas dia datang, digagahkan jua diri ini untuk melawan… sambil menaip dia datang… sambil bercerita dia datang… sambil menyusukan Aimee dia datang…
Hari ini, dia datang lagi, di kala entry ini ditaip pun dia datang…

workplace assignment sudah dihantar. dia datang lagi... apa lagi? layankan jaklah….

Ngantuk wei! Sudah berapa hari sia ndak cukup tidur sebab mau menyiapkan assignment OSH tu. Hari ini memang sangat penat! Huhuhuhuu…

Malam ni mau balas dendam.. Harap-harap Aimee tidur awal hari ni.. Boleh mamanya join sekali.. hehehhehe….

p/s: dia = kengantukan

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why must you kiok this time?

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I didn’t realize that this week was a school holiday, until I drive my car to office this morning. The road was so so clear until I could reach my office on time though I depart from my in law’s house very late this morning. Thanks to the school holiday! Thanks to those student who didn’t go to school this week :grin:

I’m now very busy preparing my viva presentation for my OSH exam this coming December. While sweating like a pig to make sure that I can deliver the report to NIOSH by tomorrow, hubby’s laptop suddenly kiok last night! What a ****! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Why must now? Why not tomorrow or next week or next month or any other time but not last night??? Huh! Luckily got another computer at my in law’s house.

So, last night, at 10pm, three of us have to knock my in law’s house and spend our night there. I feel so pity to Aimee. She was already dead to the world at that time. Hubby as well. He accompanied me until 1.30am last night. Thanks Abang! To pay your kindness, please remind me of my promise if I pass all the 4 papers k! I really appreciate your help dear!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spread The Smile

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Yesterday morning, I watched TV3. They talked about CLAPAM.

FYI, CLAPAM is a non-profit, non-government organisation support group comprising volunteers from parents with children born with cleft lip and/ or palate, adults with cleft lip and/ or palate and healthcare professionals who manage such individuals.

As a mother, I am so grateful that my baby Aimee born with a beautiful lip for her to smile to her loved ones.

I’m now aware of this cleft problem. I feel so pity to those having cleft lip, especially to the underprivileged children.

As I don’t have that much money to sponsor them for them to go through the corrective surgery, I gave support to ING and CLAPAM by being a member in Spread the Smile campaign through ING website. By doing this, RM1 will be donated to CLAPAM to help them towards the corrective surgery.

So people out there, let's help them to reach 100,000 Malaysians. It’s so easy! Just go to ING website, find the "Spread the Smile" logo, follow a few steps… And you had done in helping!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Polka dots

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I just realized that I love polka dot so much!

You see how people so obsessed to this polka dots. They use polka dots everywhere... So cute!



wall clock...




rain cot...

hanging compartment...


bed sheet...



and even on their...


And for me, I like my baby Aimee wear her polka dots sleepwear... and her pillow case as well! so cute! Recently, I even bought polka dots shawl... Later I will update the photos... I like it so much ok!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My loyal C

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How was my English?

If I would to recall my performance in English subject since I’m in secondary and primary school, I tell you all… really really bad!

In my secondary, at that time, there were only 4 grades to grade your cleverness in English subject. So, guess my grades?

I’m always in C grades! I never get less or more than that grade. So, for my UPSR, I also get C in my English subject, just ngam-ngam to pass the paper.

In my primary school (form 1-3), they add another grade to make it 5 grades all together. Again, I’m always in grade C, better than passing marks (D). Is that means that I’m improving? Am not sure…

Ok, continue with my form 4 until form 5 results. At this time, they don’t use A, B, C, D and E anymore. They use A1, A2, B2, B3, C4, C5, C6, P7, P8 and F9 to grade the subject. Guess my grades then? Hehehehe… As I always perform ngam-ngam, this time I stay at grade C6, also for my SPM’s result. Again, I never get worse than that or improve better than that grade.

After my SPM, I continue my study in UTM. I thought I will never see this subject anymore when studying in university. I was wrong! If I’m not mistaken, I had to pass 2 papers during my university time. To be honest, I hate any languages subject (includes Bahasa!). So, when the lecturer gives us an assignment, that’s the time when I starts having nightmare! I’m just to slow for this subject. I hate all those grammars, composition, debates, presentation and other things inside this subject. And to make things worst, my parents had no education background on English at all. I’m not blaming them. I’m telling you to give you a picture of my origins. So, could you imagine why a “kampong girl” like me couldn’t catch up with those English stuffs easily? Am just not familiar with them! I only expert on Sabahan and Semenanjung accent at that time.

Anyhow, as time goes on, I finish my degree without failing my English subject. And as usual, I got ngam-ngam only.

Then, I started my career as an engineer in PJ. This was the era where I started building my confident to converse in English, because I have to! It was a multi-racial company. Most of them communicate in English at all time. So, to join them, I have to starts learning, listening and catching every word that came out from their mouth. To be honest, I was too shy at that time because almost all of the professionals there could fluently speak in English. It was like I’m the only person who crawling and carefully watching every words that in and out from my mouth!

Nevertheless, for me, they were really helpful friends. They were so patient to people like me. They never laugh or tease you even if you wrong. They even helped me to correct every wrong wording and act like a dictionary to me. So kind of them…. This is the place where I taught to write a letter in English, speaks in English to customers, architects and other stakeholders. My English was really improved when I left the company. But, still you please don’t ask me about English’s grammar. I still couldn’t use it correctly!

Then, in year 2005, I joined another company in Shah Alam . Again, it was a multi-racial company. So, they also use English to communicate to each other. This time around, I didn’t face any communication problem, as I managed to learn it from my previous company. The only thing that I have to do here is to make up my capability in conversing in this language.

After 2 years servicing, I left the company to join the public sector. As you all know, in public sector, we mostly use “Bahasa” in our daily business, as well as the conversation language. So, I’ve been here for more than 2 years already. We rarely use English to converse each other. I’m now afraid that one day, I will lose the confident to speak in English to others, and also in writing letters.

I had some initiatives to avoid that to be happening:
1. I bought new dictionary and one book called “English for Malaysian”.

Since I’m not a bookworm type, until to date, I only manage to read few pages of the book. I’m really bad in understanding the wording inside the book. Really bad reader! (Actually, I hate reading. I will only read gossip and blogs! So bad of me huh!)

About the dictionary, it does really help me a lot!

2. I’m planning to join English course organized by INTAN next year. Hopefully I could improve my grammar after joined this course.
3. Writing some of my entries in this blog in English, which I’m doing now! (Though I’m pretty sure the grammar all going haywire. Pardon me for that ok.)

p/s: dear readers, please correct me if anything that I wrote in my blog is wrong. Be it in grammatical or spelling or anything that is wrong. TQ so much for helping! Really appreciate it!

4. Reading other people’s blogs (written in English blogs).

With all those alternatives, I hope I could improve my English to be at least better than previous previous year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


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I remember last time got one time when we all Malaysian so remonstration about having Indonesian here in Malaysia as our worker. At that time, I also agreed with the suggestion. Reason? This Indonesian brings too much social problems, criminal problems, and so on so forth.

But, now only I realize how dependant me and my family to this Indonesian. As I told you in my very previous entry, I’m now hiring an Indonesian to take care of my daughter, Aimee. Last week, my MIL told me that she’s now pregnant for almost 2 months. Could you imagine what was in my mind when I heard the news?

Who will take care my baby when she has to go back to deliver her baby?

To tell you the truth, it’s not easy to find people who want to taking care a baby, who have the patience to serve their crankiness, their naughtiness and their moodiness. I’m so grateful this girl has all the patience that we need. And now, I have to find another person to take her place which I don’t know where to find.

Our Malaysian? I don’t think there is any!

This morning also I keep thinking on what will happen if we chase all these Indonesians back to their country? Who will clean our office toilet? Who will do the gardening job? Who will do all the house chores (for those who hiring a maid)? And who will do all those unwieldy job with low pay?

Malaysian now is getting better in terms of our education. When almost everybody holds diploma, degree and PHD, do you think our Malaysian interested in all that? No right? Even an SPM holder also feel they rather work in a factory or as a clerk or working in other places that can offer them higher paying with easier job.

So, could you see how important an Indonesian worker to us Malaysian? I admit most of them always create problems. But, do we heed to those who really came here for working and serious in earning money for their beloved family? Pity to this group right?

P/s: Still thinking and worry about who will take her place to baby-sit Aimee :(

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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Lama betul ndak jalan-jalan cari pasal...
sekalinya, pasal pulak datang cari. uish!
duit RM500 belum dapat, tapi telah di advance kan kemarin beli 3 tudung dengan 4 helai selendang. uish!

Belum lagi masuk cerita online shopping yang tumbuh macam cendawan kebelakangan ni. Semuanya di hujung jari… baju, tudung, kain pasang, baju baby, mainan baby, keperluan baby… kek… uish! Macam-macam ada lah…
Hampir-hampir terjebak sudah ni.
Ingat Amisah wei kata-kata opismate terchenta..

Once dah terjebak ketagih!

Ya.. ya.. ingat… setakat ni belum lagi terjebak.. tapi, macam hampir-hampir jak.. uish!
Kuatkan iman Amisah.. kuatkan iman….

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everything happen for a reason

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4 months ago, my younger sister came to KL for an interview.

For those who don’t know about my sister, she is my one and only sister that I have. After she got her diploma from UPM, she works as a clerk at this company near to our house in Tawau. As usually company in Sabah won’t pay so much to their employee, the company pays her very little monthly. After servicing the company for about 2 years (if I not mistaken), the company give her a raise and paying her an extra RM50 until to date, and my sister never complain about her job though.

As her only sister, of course I want the best for her future. I always try to get her a better opportunity.

So, when 4 months ago she got the opportunity to leave the company, of course all of us were so excited and hoping that she will get the job (since we got kroni who recommend her).

I then rushly booked her an air ticket and ask her to apply one week leave. We were so confident that she could get the job.

After almost one week waiting for the result, she finally received the bad news.


I’m so sad and feel so pity to her for wasted her 1 week leave for nothing. And I even feel guilty that she has to go back to the same company again.

Now, it's already 4 months since she went back to her old precious job.

Last week hubby told me something about the company that she went for the interview. After hearing the story, I finally feel so relieved and feel so grateful to HIM for not giving my sister the job that we all hoping so much.

And I look at hubby and said “Semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya kan bang?”

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a happy haughty pingu!

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I don’t know whether my kg now is ideal or not… What ever it is, all that I want to know is…

I could fit all my jeans already! Plus my new jeans that I bought before got to know that I pregnant! (And I never wear it yet). Huhuhuhuhu… I’m now like a happy haughty pingu! Hohohohho….

Sunday, November 8, 2009


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Aimee jalan-jalan pigi orang kawin lagi hari ini...

Kali ni ke Jerantut.. Lepas tu, ke Selayang... hehehhe...

Friday, November 6, 2009

I miss my mom :(

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I miss her so much :( Alhamdulillah, she's now getting better though she hasn’t fully recovered. Can’t wait for my year end leave on this 31 dec :(

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How i wish i was in tawau

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Last Thursday, I talked to my mom thru phone. She storied something that bugs her head lately. I asked her to just ignore it. I don’t want her to worry so much. My mom was an asthmatic. Due to that, she can’t bear to worry on anything, be it about her son or her daughter or anybody in our families. If she does, she might fall sick which of course will make all of us worry.

On Saturday, I again talked to her thru phone on evening. She sounds sick which she admitted. But, as usual, she asks me not to worry too much. And I as usual will soothe myself and pray that she will get well ASAP.

On Sunday, I didn’t make any phone call to ask how her condition was.

Yesterday, I called my dad. He told me that my mom was still very sick until she couldn’t get up from her bed. Pity at her. It enters 3 days since she got her fever on Monday. I never thought that she will be that bad. It’s been a while not hearing she got sick like that.

I’m pretty worried. She even doesn’t want to go to hospital last night.

When I called my dad this morning, they’re still getting ready to go to hospital. I asked him to call me once they reach home.

He haven’t call me yet until to this hour :(

Ya Allah! I pray from you… Please get my mom recover from her sickness ya Allah… Please grant my prayers ya Allah! Aminnn….

Monday, November 2, 2009

good combination

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It was so good to enjoy lower service charges from CIMB clicks for transferring money to other bank.

The only thing that I don’t understand is, why their website always very slow lately? It took me one whole day to finish all my monthly transactions. Seriously wasting my precious time! I think, after this they should think on how to improve their website to cater for heavy traffic especially on peak hour.

Hopefully in future, CIMB can offer less charges + good services = phew heaven!

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