Monday, November 23, 2009

Why must you kiok this time?

I didn’t realize that this week was a school holiday, until I drive my car to office this morning. The road was so so clear until I could reach my office on time though I depart from my in law’s house very late this morning. Thanks to the school holiday! Thanks to those student who didn’t go to school this week :grin:

I’m now very busy preparing my viva presentation for my OSH exam this coming December. While sweating like a pig to make sure that I can deliver the report to NIOSH by tomorrow, hubby’s laptop suddenly kiok last night! What a ****! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Why must now? Why not tomorrow or next week or next month or any other time but not last night??? Huh! Luckily got another computer at my in law’s house.

So, last night, at 10pm, three of us have to knock my in law’s house and spend our night there. I feel so pity to Aimee. She was already dead to the world at that time. Hubby as well. He accompanied me until 1.30am last night. Thanks Abang! To pay your kindness, please remind me of my promise if I pass all the 4 papers k! I really appreciate your help dear!

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