Monday, November 30, 2009

To let go or not?

I bought the above tudung from Riqa last week. When I received the parcel, I tried to match it with my baju kurungs and my blouses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t match it with any of them.. Uwaaaaa….. Then, hubby asks me to sell it back which I’m not feeling to… Instead, I’m thinking of find a plain baju kurung to match it with the tudung.

So, yesterday, I went to Jakel again, but I FORGOT TO BRING THE TUDUNG! Aiyak! To make another trip to Jakel, for sure it will burn my wallet again (For sure I wont come back home with just a 1 piece kan?).

Hmmm… so, what do you think? Should I let go the tudung or should I go to Jakel to find a matching kain baju kurung?

p/s: If I were to let it go, I will make an auction to make sure people wont interested to buy it, so that I will have an excuses to tell my hubby that I have no choice but to buy a matching baju kurung for it… Hahahahhaha…..

updated on 4th dec 2009: found matching kain baju kurung at jakel! And, as expected, I brought back 2 pieces ok! Kan sudah ku bilang!

2 orang pot pet on "To let go or not?"

faez said...

akak. kalau tudung Riqa ni.. ape beza style pusing dgn normal?? erm.. musykil nih.. faez pun dah tepengaruhh nak shopping online. heshhh.. penyakit jangkit btol la!

mama glam on December 3, 2009 at 12:44 PM said...

hahahhahaha.... susah nak explain by text la faez... klu nengok tudung tuh baru ble nampak... akak ada beli yang pusing in case faez nak tengok..

Berapa hb?

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