Friday, February 13, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada

I had finished reading this book on last Monday. I never had the chance to watch the movie yet, but overall, I like the storyline! Good intro, contents and good ending as well!


The novel solely storied about Andrea's working life, a fresh graduated student who got a job in one of world’s most famous fashionable magazine in Manhattan. She’s been offered to be a junior assistant to her super cruel boss, Miranda.

Once Andrea stepped in the office, her life changes badly. She got no time for her parents, her new born nephew, her BF and even her BFF, Lily. It’s all reserved for her devil boss.

She has to be patient with the boss, as she actually always dreamt to be a writer, which she knows her boss could help her to achieve it after servicing her goodly for one year.

After almost one year servicing the monster boss, her working life became worst when she have to replace her senior to accompany her boss to Paris. At the same time, she disappoints her BF while her BFF caught in a very bad car accident. After getting confuse on what to do, she suddenly realizes that she actually been too selfish to herself, to her family, her best friend and even to her BF. Without thinking too much, she left her boss in Paris after she berated her in the Parisian fashion show that both of them attending.

At the end of the story, she finally became a writer. But, not in the The New Yorker that she dreamt of. But, she still feels it was ok compared to be working with Miranda at the Runway. Though she doesn’t really get back to Alex, she still satisfied with the new life that she’s been through now. She was happier living together, spending more time together with her BFF and her family members, though she doesn’t have the chance to wear all those glamorous fashion designer’s things that she could freely get from the Runway’s Closet anymore.

I think if I were in Andrea's position, for sure I'll do the same thing as her did. Of course I need money. But, I'll put my family first over the money because money didn’t promise me any assurance in achieving a happy life as my family will.

So, all in all I like all the characters in this novel, except Miranda! I hate her very much! Devil boss!

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