Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Expecting Baby Checklists

Before hubby went for courses, he asks me to do some sort of check lists for the things that we need to prepare and buy in expecting our 1st baby. By doing this, we hope that we could plan our budget wisely and estimate the RM needed.

So, lately, I’ve been doing the checklists. I referred to these websites (expectant mother's guide and About.com). It took me about 2 weeks plus to come out with this checklists (yup, call me slow. Ngaku jek)


1. Bodysuits (5-10 pcs)
2. Baby Sleeper (5-7 pcs)
3. Baby Socks (5-7 pairs)
4. Newborn Baby Hats (1-2 pcs)
5. Bibs (6-8 pcs)
6. Sweater sets (2-3 pcs)
7. Baby Blanket

Nursery basic

8. Crib
9. Crib Mattress
10. Crib Bedding (2-3 sheets)
11. Diapers Changing Table
12. Waterproof Mattress Pad (for diaper changes)
13. Bins (for clothing storage purposes)
14. Baby Pillow
15. Wash Cloths (maybe I could use cloth diapers to replace this?)

As for item 7-10, I’m not sure whether those things really needed. I never really surveyed any yet. Actually, to be frank, my flat wasn’t that spacious to put those things. So, is it compulsory for me to buy this crib thingy? If yes, when is the best time for me to buy?

Bathing & Baby Care

16. Baby Bathtub
17. Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
18. Baby Lotion
19. Baby Towels
20. Brush/Comb
21. Gentle Detergent (for baby’s laundry)
22. Baby Nail Clipper
23. Nasal Aspirator
24. Digital Rectal Thermometer

I’m not sure about item 16 & 17. When should I buy those and for what purposes?


25. Breastfeeding Support Pillow
26. Breast Pump
27. Nursing Bra (3-4 pcs)
28. Milk Collection Shells (to replace breast pad)
29. Lanolin Cream
30. Bottles & Nipples (6-10 bottles)
31. Dishwasher Basket for Bottles
32. Bottle Brush
33. Bottle Drying Rack
34. Bottle & Pacifier Sterilizer
35. Bottle Warmer

I got normal brush for normal size bottle. Can I just use that to wash the feeding bottle? (nak jimat la tu konon).


36. Disposable Diapers (2 packs)
37. Cloth Diapers (do I need this?)
38. Disposable Wipes
39. Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Soothing & Entertaining

40. Pacifiers
41. Infant Bouncers
42. Play mat/Play Gym
43. Small Plush Toy

When should I buy these 4 items above?

Baby Travel Gear

44. Car Seat
45. Stroller
46. Diaper Bag
47. Walker

Wow! That’s a lot of items to prepare/buy! I’m not sure which one is compulsory and which one is less important to buy. I’m just entrying the checklists here with the purpose of sharing it with other mother to be (like Nozie?) and getting some feedbacks/suggestions from my experienced friends on some other necessity that might be not listed here? Or any recommendation on which item that not so needy to prepare/buy? And maybe suggestion on when is the best time for me to buy any of those items?


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aishah said...

7-10 : kalau aweng nak ajar tido on his own, better beli awal, and teach him to sleep in the cot dari first day dia balik rumah. (don't buy crib - crib kejap sgt pakai). trust me!

16-17 : will be used from the first day the baby starts to bath (in my case la). and the oys truly enjoy their time in the water. look for gentle baby wash (in this case, i recommend johnson&johnson's yang untuk delicate & sensitive skin. avoid wash with fragrance, takut baby's skin sensitive like mine. adib develpp eczema lepas akak pakaian dia sabun johnson&johnson's peach)

39 : diaper rash cream - recommend drapolene

40 : don't have to buy unless u want to let him depend on his pacifiers.

41 : my personal opinion, u don't really need it. unless u wish to rock your baby a lot. selalunya bouncers nih pakai kejap teramat, like 2 months only.

42 : playmat/gym boley delay sket sebab they will be sleeping most of the time during the first two months

44 : recommend to use it from day 1 u bring the baby home. reason being~ to teach the baby to sit in the car seat quietly. kalau dah biasa pegang dalam kereta, nanti dia tamau duduk dalam car seat

45 : boleh beli after habis pantang, and bring the baby along to find one that he/she likes best.

46 : u won't need it until he/she is 6 months old and older.

ps : berus sabun tuh pakai jek. function dia sama pun anyway. :D

hope these helps!

amisah said...

Wah! you were realy helpful k aishah! thank you byk2!
aweng dah take note sume info yang k aishah bagi. but, im still considering whether to buy the baby cot or not. since flat aweng limited on space for the baby cot. bilik tido aweng kecik je :oops: Serious!

Mak Ana on February 18, 2009 at 6:27 AM said...


Check out this site for item 16-17 yang organic. Non-toxic or chemicals.

This one is important info on baby bottles

Oh, jgn lupa kain utk bedung baby nanti. Barut pun kena beli/buat utk elak kembung perut.

Minyak telon and jgn lupa utk diri sendiri, set bersalin tu tau!

Hehehe...takpekan Mak Ana menyibuk kat sini walaupun takde pengalaman utk diri sendiri...

I am happy for both of you...

amisah said...

Best betol! baru je abis gayut dengan puan mastur... she called me semata2 sebab dia failed post comment yang dia dah taip panjang2. baiknya hati puan mastur.... sedar x sedar, kitorang bergayut selama sejam! Shian kat baby Aiman... sampai tertido tunggu mama dia abis gayut dengan auntee aweng... banyak info dapat! thanks puan mastur! appreciate sangat2!

Untuk tujuan perkongsian, mek share di sini apa yang puan mastur share tadi. antaranya (puan mastur maybe boleh betolkan kalau ada yang tersilap :D ):

1. Tak perlu beli newborn clothing. better beli 0-3 bulan terus, sebab kot2 ramai yang akan bagi... cepat angkat tangan sape orang2 itu! ehehhehe... lagipun, baby cepat besar.
2. Better beli playpan yang boleh bawak travel than baby crib.
3. Once baby lahir, beli tilam dulu. play pan boleh beli kendian. ok jugak idea ni, since mek kan akan balik sabah berpantang. so, better beli after balik dari berpantang la kot
4. Diaper Changing table not necessarily.
5. Puan Mastur ada bagi some infos on waterproof pad jugak.
6. Walker, nak beli boleh, x beli pun xpe. since baby puan mastur guna 2 bulan ++ jek.. (hmmm, cam xnk beli jek..ble tak? :lol: )
7. Better invest RM byk2 kat car seat dgn stroller yang bagus!
8. Takyah guna bottle warmer. guna cara mak-mak kita dulu2 jek. rendam kat dalam mangkuk guna air panas. Susu ibu xleh didihkan. Suamkan boleh. Takut khasiat ilang.
9. Streiliser pun x perlu. guna cara lama gak. bukan rebus botol yek. didihkan air panas, matikan api, masukkan botol sterilise lebih kurang setengah jam. setel!
10. Puan mastur ada cadang beli sabun untuk basuh botol susu gak, which xdek dalam my list kat atas tuh.

Selain daripada tu, Puan mastur siap ada suggest brand yang baik lagi untuk some of the items needed. Memang berguna untuk orang2 yang malas berjalan macam mek dan hubby ni. Kitorang memang bukan jenis try and error. Suka mintak pendapat kawan2 terus. Play safe.... ehehhehe... Sebenarnya, celup pengalaman kawan2 untuk dapatkan yang terbaik... kitorang bukanlah jenis yang memilih brand atau x kisah pasal harga... we do care ok... Tapi, kalau dah yang terbaik tuh mahal sket, at least kitorang get ready dr segi mental nak spend the money. Tapi, kalau dapat yang murah dan berkualiti, lagi bagus! jimat duit mek! :lol:

All in all, info yang diberi sangat2 berguna! Mek dah tulis kat dalam buku keramat mek for reference purposes :cool:

Thank you sekali lagi Puan Mastur and the Mr. Hubby for the info! Helpful sangat2!

amisah said...

ish! memang lah x apa sangat2.... xdek pengalaman x bermaksud xdek info. You're very welcom mak ana!

yer.. lupa nak list bedung dan barut... mak dah sediakan dah mak ana :D minyak telon pun dah ada. lupa nak list jugak kan? :D

hmmm. pasal set bersalin, mak ada suggest pakej sendayu tinggi. Anak kawan dia kata ok... Ada kawan2 pengalaman x?

nozie on February 18, 2009 at 4:45 PM said...

like me???..

sy lg 'super-lembabs' laa

tp sbb rmi dh bg comment nie, sy jd tukang cedok jer..

ikut resmi mak-mak kite dulu pon ok jugak rasenye

setuju dgn kak.mastur abt invest more RM for stroller + car-seat


Jacq said...

can i be your baby?

amisah said...

Nozie: cedok jangan x cedok...

jac: expected statement dpd you!
and my expected answer is, Tak boleh! :twisted:

Bounty2009 said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love your blog! It is hard getting everything together isnt it! i'm 32 weeks pregnant myself so have been checking out lots of mummy blogs; theres loads of great ones here too http://my.bounty.com/blogs/tabid/54/Default.aspx He's my first baby - im hoping reading other peoples experiences will make everything ok, lol, probably not but its helping so far! x

amisah said...

Thanks Bounty2009 for sharing and also for your compliment :lol:
Happy to hear if this entry helps you with something.
Thats the purpose of I'm posting this entry. Sharing is caring right!
BTW, congrates also for your pregnancy. Hopes everything will be going smoothly. Take care!

Shower Pump · on November 13, 2010 at 9:41 AM said...

the baby cribs should be as protected as possible and it should have additiona safety features "~~

Berapa hb?

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