Friday, February 20, 2009

What did you do for living?

I’ve been very very busy lately. Preparing and compiling budgeting documentation/reports for our office. Really tired because I have to stay back very late in my office to make sure the reports was nicely done, so that I could bring it to the workshop that I have to attend in Kuantan on this Sunday. And today, I had no choice but to bring back the reports because my boss wanted to go through the report tomorrow morning. Huhuhuhuhu…. (kerja, kerja jugak.. blogging, blogging jugak. This time should be my blogging session ok!)

Due to the above, I had a very bad day today. While I’ve been busy with the budgeting works, somebody had bugs me with other problem which wasn’t my problem at all.

In the morning, somebody called me and scold me and asking me why I don’t want to do works that wasn’t my works! I think, she just attacking the wrong person. She gets mad because one of other people’s staff came and sees her and asked her some questions. At the 1st place, why should she scold me? That staff just wasn’t my staff. So, why should I make sure that she knows how to do her works? She got her own boss, which yup I know that “Taichi” type of person. But, why she should choose me? I had tried my best to help the “Taichi” boss. I had done a lot of her things just make her shut her mouth. So, why should I been attacking by people like this in my very good Thursday morning?


Couldn’t take it anymore, I picked up the phone and dialed the “Taichi” boss number. I attacked her with keep talking and talking and talking none stop for about 10 mins. Saying this, saying that…. I talks a lot until she couldn’t even interrupt. Serve her rights!

Of course I feel bad to scolding her and attacking her through phone. But, I’ve been very patient enough all this while for her “Taichi” attitude. She “Taichi” a lot of her works to us here, and we never ever complain anything to her. We just try our best to carry out the task, though it’s never been listed in our scope of works as an engineer in this government agency. This is the time for me to teach her a lesson! Because I feel sorrier for myself being bullied to do lots of @$#%$^%&& job in here! No risk at all! I don’t need my engineering degree to do the job that I’ve been doing. Sometimes, it makes me feel so humiliated to call myself an engineer.

The bad day not only end when I end the tele-conversation. On afternoon, another non-engineering staff called me. With her arrogant style, she asks me to prepare a memo to call up a finance meeting. Hello! I’m not a PA ok! Why should I prepare that stupid memo? Why shouldn’t you? You are the PA of him right? OMG! This person just arroganting at me at the wrong time. With failing to give me some info needed for me to help her job, she even accused me for hardly understand what her boss wanted. Hello again! You’re the one who spoke to your boss, and now you expecting me to understand what your boss wants? This PA is just too much! Makan gaji buta punya manusia! Hmmmmm….. Serve you right also for been scolded by me on your beautiful Thursday afternoon!

So people, now you know why I hated my job so much?

Actually, I never regret for accepting this job in this government agency, because I know what is best for me. I know every job has their pros and cons, their ups and downs, their happy and unhappy times. But, I’m entrying this just to share my today’s unhappy feelings. That’s all. Not that until I wish to quit and find other job outside there. Because, I had experienced worse. So, for given a chance to serve the country, I take this downs period as a challenge for myself, provided you all still be there to read my complains entry… ehehhehe….. Enough for today's entry. Have to continue doing my budgeting works. Wish me luck that I could finish it before I go to sleep, because I'm now feels very very sleepy. Seriously! Thanks for your time reading my entry readers. Love you all! Muahhhhh!

3 orang pot pet on "What did you do for living?"

ayu said...

Hahaha..welcome to the still have like 25 - 30 years more to go hehe..Just relax, kay..jangan tension tension..

Mak Ana on February 21, 2009 at 9:30 PM said...

nasib baik ada blog kan, kalau tak tak tau camne nak luahkan perasaan yang terpendam ni...hehehe...Sabo je la, mana-mana pun sama je...mesti ada je yg jadi pain in the ass. Jgn tension2, nanti baby jadi hyperactive.

amisah said...

kak ayu: tuh la pasal kak ayu... jauh lagi perjalanan ni... memang kena sabar byk2... tak tensi dah since ada pembaca macam kak ayu.. share feelings... hehehhehe.... :lol:

mak ana: betul tuh mak ana... sib baik ada blog... kenalah blog reader bace luahan perasaan sye yang syok sendiri ni.. hehehhhe :cool:

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