Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes

Since I and hubby subscribed our Maxis broadband, we never had a chance to use Limewire anymore. Why? Because Maxis doesn't allow it. I don't know why. If I'm not mistaken, they said, because the software (or whatever they called it) was to heavy or I don't know what was their IT terms. That's why all this while, I and hubby kept planning to terminate the broadband services (read: our main purpose to subscribe the broadband solely for downloading more and more songs through the Limewire. So, doesn't meet the purpose at all kan?)

Never mind.... So, tonight, after visiting other people's blog, I had an idea of using Youtube to search my fav. song through the video clips. So, after this, I'll be updating more and more songs through youtube video clips to share with you all.

Actually, I don't really like this video clip. But, I like the song very much recently.

So, just enjoy by listening to the song k...

Gym Class Heroes...
(The Dream)
Gym Class Heroes
Radio killa killa

Hahaha You know what it is
Gym Class Heroes, The Dream
It's hard to look innocent when I got cookie crumbs all over my face
Hehe yea

(The Dream)
I like girls
They like me
They look so good
In dey Seven jeans
Told you to be the one
And my only
I wanna be faithful
But I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar.
My hands, my hands, my uh my hands
Can't keep my hands, my hands, my, uh, my
Can't keep my hands, my hands, my, uh, my
Can't keep my hands, my hands my hands out the cookie jar.

You see I got this problem
I need help tryna solve it
Cos meeting after meeting and I'm still a cookie holic
You can hide them, Imma find them, on the counter, in the closet
And I'll say I ain't do it with my face covered in chocolate
My girl be setting booby traps
To catch me eating Scooby snacks
I left crumbs in the bed once
But I told her I was through with that
She still don't be believing me
And I guess that I'm cool with that
But I got a sweet tooth, that'll never come loose
And the truth of the matter is.

Repeat [Chorus]

I got a thing for Milano, Biscotti Italianos
And I never turn down some Oreos if you got those
Butter Pecan Puerto Rican,
Or them Oatmeal Raisin Asians.
Hazelnut Brazilians,
Macadamia Caucasians,
Double stuffed or thin mint
It don't matter you gettin' it
Cos I got a sweet tooth that'll never come loose
And the fact of the matter is.

Repeat [Chorus]

I'm a monster for these cookies
I'm a beast for they're treats
An animal for they're crackers
Head to feet they so damn sweet
Can't keep my hands, my hands, my ha uh my
Can't keep my hands, my hands, my hands out the cookie jar.

And then you have it haha
I tried my best
I went to cookie anonymous
I guess I'm a failure
I can't seem to keep my damn hands out the cookie jar but,
It is what it is

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