Friday, December 26, 2008

Hunting for maternity shoes

Since yesterday I failed with the above mission, today I begged hubby to bring me to Midvalley. Hoping that I could get the shoes.

Since we went out a bit late, I and hubby went to Jusco Wangsa Maju first with the mission of having our lunch at Nando’s. Again? Hahhahahaha… Yes, again! So pity at me, when we arrived in front of the Nando’s restaurant, the waiter told us that their griller was broke down. Im like, what? Not at this time please. Seeing my disappointed face, the waiter repeat again “We were so sorry miss, maybe you want to try the appetizer?” I turned to hubby and said “Hmmmm… maybe not la abang. We go to Jusco supermarket and buy some snacks and head to Midvalley terus lah and have the Nando’s there”. Then, we went to Jusco and bought potato wedges, Ayam panggang, croquette and 6 pieces of Sushi, for alas perut. We parked our car at Taman Titiwangsa parking and finished all the foods… plus one packet of Mango (bought at Taman Titiwangsa) Enough for alas perut…. Hehehhe…

When we reached Midvalley, the road was so jammed! Until we had to changed our plan and drove off to Subang Parade just because we could find other Nandos restaurant inside there. And plus, just beside the Subang Parade, there were our fav ice cream’s restaurant, Swensens. Hehehhehhe….

Arrived there at about 1.45pm. We performed our Zohor 1st, before heading to the restaurant. So puas hati! Slrrrppppp!

Then, we walk around the shopping complex. Hubby found his new shoes at Bata at very cheap price (compared to his previous previous shoes). He was like me as well, Fed up in hunting the best shoes. So, he finally said “cuba ni dulu. Kalau ok, tak payah carik dah. Kalau tak ok, baru carik yang lain” I then nodded and agreed with the idea. Try first, no harm kan?

As for myself, I managed to grab 1 shoes and 1 sandal (or you should call it slipper?). I tried the shoes already, and guess what? My kaki was melecet. Adui lah… I thought it will be comfortable… Uwaaaa! That’s mean, the hunting session haven’t ends yet! I might need to consider the Scholl sandal or the Modermum's as advised by kak Aishah (though both may doesn’t meet my so called beauty requirement)… ~sigh~

Before went back, as planned, I stopped by at Swensen to buy the ice cream. So sad, they don’t have it that day. So, to try our luck, we headed to another outlet at SS2, PJ. Luckily they had it. But at very high price, almost double from the very last time when I bought it. It costs us RM9.90 per ice cream this time. Never mind lah, since we have arrived, I bought 1 for me and 1 for hubby.

[caption id="attachment_1150" align="alignnone" width="245" caption="Looks delicioux?"]Looks delicioux?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1151" align="alignnone" width="327" caption="Closer up a bit :)"])[/caption]

The taste? This time, the taste wasn’t that good. Don’t know whether that was due to the higher price or memang the taste dah lari… So, we may need to take out this ice cream from our fav food lists. Maybe we should substitute it with Mat Kool ice cream (vanilla coated with choc and nuts) which will only cost us RM1/ice cream. Very cheap and delicious! Or with Tropicana (vanilla coated with lime flavors) or with Almond Magnum (hubby’s fav).

For dinner? Again, today I had my nan cheese with Ayam Tandoori.. Hehhehhe… But, this time, I had it at Indian/mamak stall by the roadside near to SSF at Ampang. Yes! By the roadside only ok! But, I tell you, the nan cheese here is the best nan cheese you could ever find in KL or should I say in Malaysia. The price might be a bit higher compared to normal nan cheese at Kedai Mamak. But, you will never regret to have it here. Why? Because, in here, the nan really contain cheese, which means, you will taste the cheese in every bites, from the first cutting until the very last cuts. Seriously worth it for the price of RM4.50/Nan. You also should try the sardine curry dip. So yummy! Cik Suhai was the responsible person to introduce me to this new fav food. Thanks cik Suhai! Memang sedap hingga menjilat jari!


2 orang pot pet on "Hunting for maternity shoes"

Nisa on December 30, 2008 at 6:38 PM said...

sedap lagi ke dari restoran jalaluddin taman u? hihi. kena try nih..

amisah said...

nan cheese tuh ke nisa?
aku x pernah plak try yang kat taman u ni..
tapi, yang ampang ni, memang sedap.. tandoori dia, standard ah... belum pernah lagi makan tandoori x sedap... nan cheese dgn cicah dia tuh yang spesel.. hingga menjilat jari! slrrrrp! x caye, tanye cik suhai...

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