Thursday, December 11, 2008

Early pregnancies symptoms

Today, I was on MC leave. Why? Due to the title above…

Am having quiet a bad morning sickness symptoms lately. Getting worse I would say.

Until the moment when I type this entry, below are some of changes that I noticed during my early pregnancies term:

Month First:
1. Extra food cravings.
Yes! And luckily at this time I could eat anything I want easily without any morning sickness symptoms yet!
2. Raised in body temperature. Due to that, I’ve been a good plain water drinker at this time.
3. Frequent in urination, maybe due the no.2. Almost every hour in a day!
4. Very active in doing anything without fatigue feelings.

Month 1.5 until now (2 months + +):
1. I couldn’t consume any milky drink except Ho Ho Horlicks. So, this drinks now become my fav drinks.
2. I don’t have the appetite to eat any “masak Lemak” like I used to be the fan of it last time. Maybe I would come back to this fav food after reaching my 2nd trimester. I couldn’t take any oily and spicy looks food as well.
3. I couldn’t stand too long due to the waves of the nausea feelings. Also due to that, few times in a day, I have to perform my solat in sitting position.
4. Having backaches sometimes. Hubby too! (due to helping and consoling his wife when vomiting at toilet). Thanks Abang! I really appreciate it!
5. Excessive salivation which sometimes end up with vomiting. Lately quite frequent. Even when I was typing this entry, I managed to cover 3-5 times of vomiting. At my office now, they are renovating the toilet . So, I have to use other level's toilet if the vomiting feelings come. Could you imagine how troublesome? Pity of me huh! Cobaan....
6. Easy to feel exhausted and sleepy in most of the time, especially in late evening till nite time.
7. Heightened sense of smell especially ciga smoke and perfume odour.
8. Easy to feel hunger but don't know what to eat. Appetite decreased badly.
9. Mood swings made me weepy and super duper emo. Huhuhuhu…. Pity to my hubby who most of the time being the victim for me to express my anger… So sorry abang… I love you soooo much!

Posting this entry doesn’t mean I’m complaining, since I always keep in mind on one of my colleagues, Ninie had advice me not to complain on any difficulties that I face during my preggy term. I just like to share my early pregnancies experience with my blog readers (and maybe get some advise from experienced readers too) I know there are some preggy women out there having worse morning sicknesses until they have to be hospitalized due to super dehydration. I am grateful to Him that I’m not as bad as those people. And thankful to Him for giving this experience and give us the chance to be a mother and a father to another Hamba of Him soon… Thank you ya Allah!

2 orang pot pet on "Early pregnancies symptoms"

kak ina on December 11, 2008 at 6:03 PM said...

heheh ini la penangan utk ibu2 mengandung weng...bersabar aje la..tak lama je tempoh tu akan berlalu..nnt dah bersalin baru la rasa rindunye nk pregnant lagi..heheh...:D

amisah said...

itulah kak ina...
aweng tiap2 kali anggap ni antara pahit manis nak dapat baby... baru ble paham biler org citer pasal morning sickness kan? :D sebab dah rase.... dah pengalaman...

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