Sunday, November 2, 2008

Window shopping?

I am seriously tired of shopping today!

Me and hubby woke up at 6.30am and performed our Subuh prayer and didn’t go back to sleep, which is unusual for us (read: we seriously time waster for our weekend life. Kononnya qada’ tidur yang weekdays punyala tuh…teruk betul kan?). Yes! As I told you, lately God gave me the strength to perform my duty, responsibilities, obligations or what ever terms you wish to call, which I seriously never think of happening (read: im that kind of weak women/wife in doing any kind of housework) That’s why im so impressed with other working women/wife/mother that could performed their task without saying any complain and I rarely feel tired as I feel every time (compliment specially to Chema, my UTM friend. Wish I can be like her one day) That’s why also, I always pray to Allah so that He gives me strength to perform my duty as a wife, daughter, worker and His Hamba in this world. Thank you Allah for making my life happier lately… Im now a better wife to my hubby, better daughter (to my parents, in laws and my sis and bro, worker (not so sure. But I always SYMP every time So? :) ) and a better Hamba to Him.. ALhamdulillah…

Ok, back to our today’s stories.

At 7.10am, we went back to our house and do our normal house works. Hubby as usual doing his laundry while I doing my folding and ironing works. And, as im lately being a better wife to my hubby (betul kan abang? :) ), I even helped him to hang the washed clothes :) and I seriously happy to help him (read: I used to complained a lot last time if I have to help hubby on any works. So bad of me huh!). Then, on 10.45am, we drove back to my in law’s house to have our breakfast there (my MIL cooked his special nasi lemak today! I like her nasi lemak a lot!)

After chit chatting with opah, we headed to Klang to my tailor’s shop, to take my baju kurung. Then, we go to Jusco Taman Botani. At first, I told my hubby that I wish to go there because I want to window shop any blouse or pants in there (please remember the “window shop” wording) So, he said “ok. Mungkin abang boleh carik something jugak”.

When we arrived, we straight away go to FOS (with purpose of window shopping).

And you guess how long we’ve been there?

If Im not mistaken, we spent 2 hrs of our precious time there! Fuh! As a result, hubby managed to buy stocking, pants, and belt. Me? I bought 3 white T-shirts which I think worth for my money… hehehe… kedekut la katakan...

After performing our Zuhur, we continue our window shopping and walked along the shops there. After entering 2 shops, I finally stopped at Hush Puppies and attracted at their new series of snicker’s shoe. Actually, I’ve tried a snicker at the 2 previous shops. Unfortunately, Hush Puppies’s fascinate me more than theirs. SO, I finally bought a very comfortable black purple snicker though I keep telling hubby “patut tak bini beli? Macam mahal sangatlah” (read: I never buy any snicker before. So, I think it’s too expensive when that small shoe can reach my normal formal working shoe price). Then hubby replied “belilah sayang. Bukan senang tau nak dapat kasut yang selesa. Takut nanti tunggu kemudian (nak tunggu sale la tu konon.. memang dasar penjimat!) saiz dah habis ke, dah tak ada stok ke… belilah” Hmmmm…. Calculating and calculating and calculating (since im actually planned to window shop only)… Finally, I smiled at the Hush Puppies’s girl and said “Ok. Saya ambik yang ini” Fuh! Seriously couldn’t wait to wear it!

After performing our Zuhur prayer, we had our big lunch at ARENA.. then, head to Jusco to check the Luminarc glass and jug price that I bought in Langkawi. Guess what? The glass price was RM45/set and the jug was RM38.90, instead of RM21/set and RM10/each at Langkawi. Wow! Seriously worth it buying it in Langkawi. No wonder people spent a lot of their money in Langkawi...

Before go back to our car, hubby managed to buy new Metalicca’s CD album and I? Again spent my money for nice black pants at Niichi and new belt at one of the shop that we pass by on our way to parking area. I like!

On our way back home, I have forty winks off until my hubby wakes me up when we reached our home sweet home. Seriously tired.

I took my bath after trying all my baju kurung and T-shirts, then performed solat.

After ISya’ guess what was our activity?

Keh keh keh… We continue our shopping at Carrefour and Jusco! I bought 2 inner shirts (shirts that most women wear inside if they wish to wear short sleeve shirt/blouse) and Romp jeans (my fav jeans brand. NIce design, Cheap and comfortable for wearing and for my money :D ) …. Thithithi…..

We reached my in law’s house at 10.45pm and have our dinner before I blogging this entry…. Ehehhe…

Ok lah you all, it’s too late already. I need enough sleep since me and hubby planning to continue our shopping at Jalan TAR tomorrow :) bye!

p/s: our plan to visit my hubby's uncle at Shah alam and my uncle at Serdang was cancelled again today! Hope we could make it next time after we finish with our shopping craziness... hmmm....

2 orang pot pet on "Window shopping?"

tingkap gadis on November 4, 2008 at 3:12 AM said...

Sayang, Converse lagi selesalah sayang ; p

amisah said...

iya kah? adush! gedebush!
aku ada jugak masuk converse di klang ari tuh.. tp, ndak byk design... itu yg aku beralih arah ke hush puppies tuh...

Rin, kalo ada design baru cantik2 dan affordable... bgtau lah..
manalah tahu tersukak pulak.. hehehehe...

p/s: rin, apa pasal blog mu block comment dpd blogger selain blogspot? aku wordpresser maa....

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