Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mood swing?

Yesterday nite wasn’t a good day for me. My mood suddenly swings badly. Not to make things worse, I kept quiet for couple of hours before I feel like talking. Pity to my hubby. So sorry Abang… Thank you for your understanding and for your persuading…. It works dear! :lol:

Unluckily of me, this morning I faced some other things which made my mood changed again. I talked to the phone to one guy that I considered bad whiner (worst than us women!) and other Ah So who also a bad whiner. Both of them make me feels like vomiting… Yuks! Please la you all… Don’t ruin my day please… I’ve been trying so hard to be a very patient person lately.. Please lah! Don’t challenge my patience…. Dont let me yelling please.... I dont likeeee.... :x

Ok, I better stop with the grumbling… ehehhe….

Today, finally I feel like an efficient person…. Why? No specific reason… It does just believe of mine. ehehehhe… Perasan kan? :roll:

But, one thing that I realize today is (which doesn’t related to that efficient things), I keep making typo error in almost every typing works that I facing today. Aiyak! What’s happening here? What’s wrong with you Amisah? Ooooo… maybe this is a sign that our unit needs a clerk? Ngeh ngeh ngeh… :mrgreen: Mulalah mengarut tu!

And to end my today’s entry, I’m now waiting… waiting and waiting again… waiting for what? :?: Don’t want to reveal it now.. Later lah…. Sorry readers.. Please don’t send any comment asking for this thing… hehehhehe…. Learn to be patient like me ok! Love you all! Muah! Muah! Muah! :oops:

Oh ya! My Atuk (my mom's dad) going for his Haj today, Alhamdulillah.. Pray to Allah and hope that he will be going and return home safely, and could get "Haji Mabrur" ... Aminnnn....

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