Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aryan's birthday

We wasted our morning precious time today.. We sleep after SUbuh until 10 am in the morning.. :? Maybe it was due to my tiredness attending the courses over the last 5 weekdays. After having our brunch and performed our Zohor, we headed to Denai Alam attending my hubby’s best friend son birthday party.

ala bucuk bucuk! Cute huh the baby?

After ate soooo much....... we went back to KL and performed our Asar at my in law’s house. To fill our Saturday evening time, we went to SSF curtain at Ampang (singgah park kereta jak pun) before we head to Jusco which ended up buying nothing… Hmmm… So boring….

Now, am thinking of tomorrow’s programme :roll: Maybe I should visit Jalan Tar again? Ngeh ngeh ngeh…. Actually, am looking a tudung for my new baju kurung…. Hehehhe… excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

Let’s see what will happen tomorrow :lol:

K lah you all, have to Zzzzzzzz….

Tata titi tutu…..

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