Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayers in Surau

Just now I went to Surau at my office to perform my Zohor prayer…


After I had my Wudhu, I then get ready to perform my solat. At this point of time, my eye catches two girls’ chats each other about their courses la… their works lah… To my hearing it is quiet loud, especially talking in place like Surau. I ignored them and performed my prayer.

While praying, I started feel the disturbance. Seriously distressing, I could hear clearly every single word that came out from their mouth.

After finished with my prayer (before DOA), I couldn’t take it anymore. I then turn to them, “Mintak maaf ya Saudari, boleh tak kecikkan sikit volume. Ada sedikit kuat lah”. Then, the other girl replied “Mintak maaf ya. Tak perasan” Fuh! Actually I didn’t expect she would reply me that way. Luckily! I don’t know la whether they honestly feel guilty and say sorry, or deep in their heart feel menyampah towards me. Only Allah knows. I think they are nice type of people and yes they didn’t notice that their voice was too loud until could interrupt the prayers. I then, continue with my DOA peacefully.

Actually, this is not my 1st time experiencing this kind of situation. However, this was my first time that I have the strength to talk nicely and tell the person that they are interrupting people in Surau. I just don’t know why lately I was like impatient to certain things when I feel it’s annoying and will straightly eager to speaks out for it.

Talking about other experience got one group of ladies which also praying in this Surau. There were 3 of them, young girls. This one was worse. I think they don’t respect other prayers in here. They sit at one corner, taking pictures using their camera phone and laughing loudly. Not only that. They even turn on their hand phone’s radio and sing together gether…. Fuh! Seriously annoying! I think, all prayers in there looking at them at that time. But, they don’t bother at all. I don’t know la whether they understand or not kan? Critically mental!

I admit im not that religiously type of person. But, Im that type of prayer that couldn’t concentrate in praying if there is any noisy sound surrounds me while I praying. Even in my house, I don’t like when my hubby turns on the TV loudly when I pray (Read: loud means I could understand every single word of the actors or the news reader wording). My DOA especially will go haywire if he does. And as usual la, after praying I sure will come to him with my NO.8 faces… he then, will say sorry because disquieting. And he is improving now :) Thanks Abang for your understanding.

Hmmmm.... when writing this entry, Im thinking of maybe I also among the people that I storied in here. I don’t know. And maybe if I does, maybe the other peoples in there also was like me, don’t dare to let me know that Im interrupting them.. Huhuhuhu… So sad... Hopefully im not! And to all my dear friends, if you found me doing it while hanging around with you, please be my best buddy to let me know k! We try our best to show respect to other Muslim prayer no matter where we are in this world…. K!

p/s: Oh! ya, today was my sis b'day. Happy b'day yang ke-26 adik Darnah! Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki, ditemukan jodoh yang baik-baik dan, diberkati dan dipermudahkan menjalani kehidupan adik di masa-masa akan datang.... Aminnnnn..... Your only sis love you so much! Muahh!

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