Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My hubby gave me......

Hai yeeeerrrr…. I feel so blush to post this entry.

Bear in mind, you maybe feel there is nothing so special about the gift (especially for Malay because, usually this is part of wedding preparation procedures in Malay’s culture). Anyhow, since Jaq and kak Aishah insisted to know the gift that my hubby gave me before he takes me as his wife, so, this entry will be sort of like continuation to my previous entry.

I will start with the tele-conversation with Nadia and Fat Fabes (the Fly FM’s deejay) first. Wah! Makin poyos neh! Ehhehehehe…

DJ: Hi! Who’s on the line?
Me: I’m Amisah here.
DJ: Oohhh… Hi Anisah! (they pronounced my name wrongly! This wasn’t the 1st time you know! Sabar jer lah :-( ) Are you married Anisah?
Me: Yes I am.
DJ: Ok, So what is the gift that you gave to your husband last time, to let him know that you’re ready to take him as your husband?
Me: Hmmm… I don’t remember the gift that I gave him. But, I do remember the gift that he gave me that I considered him really serious in taking me as his wife…
DJ: I seee…. So, what is the gift then?
Me: He gave me a ring. But, the ring wasn’t given by him directly.
DJ; Ouhhhh….. Then?
Me: It was through his parents.
DJ: You mean his parents came to your house and give it to you at your house?
Me: Yes! When giving thru his parents, then only I can consider he is serious…
DJ: It’s like “bertunang” like that lah?
Me: Not really actually, it’s like “merisik”only.
DJ: I seee….. I seee… Ok, thanks for calling Anisah! (See! Again they pronounced my name wrongly!)
Me: Ok… Bye!
DJ: Bye!

Actually, my hubby gave other things also which more valuable than this ring. However, I only measured his seriousness after he gave me this ring thru his parents. Because, by doing that, definitely he has to talk and consult to his family, before he dare to send his parents to confer about it with my family kan?

Then, as usual, when parent meets, of course they will bring something... Which I seriously never expect that they will bring the ring together with them that night!

That’s why I took this ring as the very important gift that he gave me to show that he really serious in taking me as his wife! :-) And called up Fly FM to share with all their listeners :-) . Cukup poyo tak? Malu la pulak! Ihik Ihik Ihik....

See the bottom one. The top one (the heart shape) also was a gift. Birthday present from my bestfriends, Cik Suhai and Cik Czah! I love to wear both together every time and everyday! The combination looks very nice in my eyes! Thanks Abang, Cik Suhai and Cik Czah!

2 orang pot pet on "My hubby gave me......"

Jacq on September 10, 2008 at 3:24 PM said...

aawww... so sweet..and romantic yet traditional.

amisah said...

Hehehhe.... I memang suka yang tradisional :-)
Kampong girl la katakan :p

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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