Friday, September 12, 2008

Pasar Tani

Today, I went to Pasar Tani. This Pasar Tani was a weekly event in my office. It was held twice in a weekly time, on Tuesday and Thursday.

Usually, I will have something to buy if I need to cook for dinner. Since all my family members (my dad, my mom and my bro) already gone back, so I don’t think I have anything to buy at this Pasar (I don’t have to cook because, usually if my families wasn’t around, I had my sungkai at my in law’s house everyday in weekdays).

But, as you all know, women…… I still went there to accompany my office mate as my office mate said she wanted to have a walk there (excuses..excuses and excuses)

So, as a result, I spent my RM (which I didn’t planned and thought that I won’t spent) and get a Labu Sayung, another pineapple tart and meat balls :-) Below are the photos of them:

1. The Labu Sayung

I suddenly attracted with this Labu Sayung. I bought it with intentions to put our plain water inside. Hmmm.... We’ll see whether the water got different taste (cooler) or not when using this Labu Sayung. I remember last time, I used to watch a TV programme on the making of this “Labu Sayung”. Very interesting and now I think… I bought it today at a very reasonable price, with that tedious process of making it (after few negotiations with the seller :-) . Actually, I'm not sure about the market price either). I learnt this negotiating skill from my beloved mom. She’s really expert on this! On anything!

2. Another pineapple tart

I saw this pineapple tart at one of the stalls that selling frozen food (pau, meatball, yong tau fu’s stuff etc). Looks nice, and the taste also very nice to my tongue! Luckily…. However, it still doesn't meet my expectation since I'm looking for tart that made from eggs (this one tastes exactly same like my tart's recipe, using ghee). So, I won't order from that aunty. Hmmmm….. Meaning, I haven't settled with my good pineapple tart’s finding.

3. Meat balls

This one also bought at the same stall which I bought the pineapple tart. Plan to cook meatball soup for this weekend “sahur” or sungkai. Hope the meatball nice and edible to us, because one of my colleague said it was nice (or I misheard she said ok only? Pray hard!).

Note: Sungkai is Sabahan’s term for breaking fast.

4 orang pot pet on "Pasar Tani"

mast on September 12, 2008 at 6:15 PM said...

weh, boleh la nanti kalo ko dah jumpa tart sedap, habaq aku.. tolong belikan yek!!!

amisah said...

boleh boleh...
kawan2 nyer pasal, apa pun boleh...
nanti aku habaq

doNGan said...

ko x nak jual tart ke weng?

amisah said...

aku jual tart?
mahu laki aku ngamuk...
sebab dia yang kena tulun :-)
aku tetiap taun, aku buat utk family dgn in law aku jer...
x tahu la klu taun2 depan aku tetibe berminat pulak kan...
kang aku bagi resepi...

p/s: ko jgn x tau, in law aku dah turun temurun buat samperit untuk jual.. tradisional punya... skang dah penat.. dah 2 tahun diorang pencen dpd jual, tapi org masih carik... x larat wei!

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