Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good & Not Good

For this entry, I wanted to share some good and not good (I hate to call it bad) things happened to me today. Will start with the not good first, so that I can end my writing with the good things :-)

Not good:
1. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m alone this week! So, this morning, I had my “sahur” alone because my in laws, opah and my sis in law don’t eat for “sahur”. They just had a glass of plain water for their “sahur”. However, having a very good MIL, she accompanied me for my “sahur” this morning. I feel so pity at her. Thank you Mama! I really appreciate it! I should write about my beloved MIL later in my very next next entry.
2. I have to take over other people’s work starting from next week. I don’t want to elaborate more on this since I’m not so happy to take over his haywire works! :-(
3. I was stuck in very bad traffic jammed this morning. Aiyak! If I would know, I will ask my hubby to left his automatic car then.
4. Being a very bad water drinker, I always have a dry skin problem. Usually, to prevent this to be happened, I will use lotion to moisturize my skin before going to work in the morning.

Being so undisciplined person also, I always skip this essential simple daily routine. I already missed this routine for more than a month, resulting in the skin problem getting bad evee since the last time I noticed it. Serve you right Amisah! So, starting from tomorrow, I hope I could wake up earlier so that I will have time to put the lotion onto my body. Pray hard!
5. My hubby sms me and tell me that he is now having his swimming at PD! Arggggghhhhh! I’m so jealous!

1. I manage to get reached into the Fly FM line for “Pagi Show” this morning! Actually, this was my second time. First time was back in somewhere in the end of last month. For today’s topic, they were discussing about what gift you will give to somebody which will tell them that you are really serious in taking them as your wife/hubby. So, I storied to them on what gift that my hubby gave me before he takes me as his wife :-) I even called up my hubby after that to tell him about this.. ehehehhe... So jakun and poyo huh!
2. My boss confirmed to me that one of the new staff that we had last week will take over some of my workload, which is report! Yahoooo! Im so happy to hear this :-) as later, I will concentrate more to my OHSAS stuffs.
3. I called up one of my ex-colleague when I was in private, Kak Sally. She updates me with the news of her niece, which I called Angah. She’s now in her 3 months pregnancy! The baby will be the first grandson in their family. I was really happy for them, as they were like family to me. We were so close each other when I was single. Praise to Allah that I had friends like them!
4. I like being in my in law’s house, because I can use PC to run my Maxis modem, which of course will be faster than using my hubby’s laptop. So, since my hubby away to PD for 5 days, I will fully utilize the time given to surf and blogging as much as I can… and, without disturbance… Ehehehhe… Love you Abang!
5 Luckily Allah granted me a very smart hubby. You know why? Because, when you have smart hubby, they will buy you a smart tag. When they buy you smart tag, it will really help you avoiding long Q at toll plaza. When help you avoid the long Q at the toll plaza, meaning you will have lesser tense. When you have lesser tense, you will have a very good day as mine! Yippiieeeee!

When I’m entering AKLEH toll plaza this evening, I could see the long Q from far away. So, coolly I followed the smart tag signs and take out my smart tag and tiiit! Tetet! Tetet! Tetet! Tetet! (the battery is low lah pulak… ehehehhe…..Lupa lagi nak tukar). Ah! tak kisahlah as I managed to avoid the long Q! Thank you Abang for buying me this smart tag! You were really smart lah Abang! (actually, thank you for saving my RM100… ehehehhe :-) )

So, all the 5 good and not good things above really balanced up my days today! Praise to Allah!

3 orang pot pet on "Good & Not Good"

Jacq on September 9, 2008 at 3:37 PM said...

aku naik train pun tak guna touch 'n go. guna tiket kertas je.
wow.. sgt canggih ar u guna smart tag. mmg hubby u sgt smart.

what is the gift your hubby give to u before he took u as his wife??

aishah said...

hehe.. kalau takde smart tag alamatnya kena tag la kat opis kan? kan? kihkih..

apanya yang mel bagi masa nak kawen? nak kena tau nih.. cepat pigi blog!

amisah said...

jacq: Naik train tak perlu smart tag lah Jacq! You nak aim kat mana? Kat driver train tuh? Sabor jer lah haku budak nih!

Kak Aishah: Betul betul (padahal, ada smart tag pun kene tag kat opis... cemane tuh? :-) )

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