Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday was a really tiring day for me.

I attended a very long meeting from morning till afternoon. I hate to be in that meeting. It wasted my whole morning precious time. The most important issue here is the chairman also doesn’t know what he was talking about, unqualified (I really meant it!) for the meeting. The output that I got from the meeting is, just do what you wanted to do, we have no time to ask anymore. What kind of management that could do this to their staff? I got annoyance to think about the matter that discussed in that meeting. #%^%&^*(&)(* Arghhhhhh!!!!!!

I’m trying so hard to comprehend the work that I hated so much. I keep staring at the table given and trying to figure out on what should I put inside there, so that I can come out with the presentation slide compulsory to be submitted this Friday. Aiyak! It was so bleaaakkkkkssss!

I was dead to the world as early as 9pm. This was due to my bad menstrual pain that I had last night. Or, because of my little brain was too tired thinking of the densely work in office? Hmmmm…. Pretty sure must be the 2nd one….

Today, am continuing with the yesterday’s work. Had discussion with my one up and 2nd up supervisor until lunch time. After lunch time, I thought I would have time to continue with the presentation preparation. Unluckily of me, I was wrong! My 2nd up supervisor suddenly called me and ask me to attend another meeting because this meeting also will discuss again the same topic that discussed in yesterday’s meeting. Am I making you all confuse? Hahahhaha.. Actually, I also don’t know what I’m talking about… I’m vomiting…. Yeaaaaks! huh! I hate what I am doing rite now! But, I also don’t have choice not to do it…. Oh God! What I’m supposed to do then? I’m blank! I’m empty! Unclear etc!!!!!

Huh! I think, I whining too much already. I better stop before Raqib and Atid also getting confuse to note down my good deeds and my sins.

Ok you all, I really need a rest as my head are aching badly right now … till my next entry…


2 orang pot pet on "Buzzing"

Nisa on September 19, 2008 at 5:02 PM said...

bersabau je la weng..aku dulu masa first 2months masuk keje duk unit sumber&latihan..dia suh aku study value management la..database la..ada ke patut? dahle aku hampeh tak paham. tapi aku request tukar unit..hihi.brani tak aku? last2 dpt tukar buat projek.n bos lama aku cam kecik ati aa kot pasal aku xnak unit dia still ok la ngan aku (dlm ati xtau la).bila pikir balik risau plak memandai2 mintak alhamdulillah skrg keje aku ok, bos skrg baikk giler.aku rasa buat masa ni ko sabar je la dulu..huh! pjg plak komen. sori yek..hihi

amisah said...

tuh ah... lain orang lain nasibnya kan...
tak kisahlah...
aku skang ni tanam dalam diri, bekerja seikhlas mungkin... dengan harapan salary yang dapat tetiap bulan halal dan berkat... tuh je...
sebab kita mana tahu akan datang kita akan dicampakkan ke mana kan?

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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