Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My own masterpiece, at last!

Some people might be wondering what made me so busy at my new office. Some people also might questioning “Why so busy if software can do everything?” Wellll…. I do agree that software helps so much in expediting my job especially designing any building. But, apart from designing using software, as an engineer, we can’t avoid a manual calculation. Huhuhuhuhuu…

Talking about manual calculation, a freshie like me will for sure need to take some times to recall back all that structural knowledge… Huwaaa!!!!! Some more, I never did that manual design Huwaaaa again!!!!!!

So, that explained what was I’m busy of.

Remember I told you about my simple project that day? Hehehhe…Actually, the building design is simple as I can just run it using a software.. Hehhehhe… But, that simple project also comes together with a pond that needs me to design a retaining wall. Huwaaaa!!!!! I never did it before you see! To make it worst, I don’t really understand that topic when I was in U last time!!!!! Grrrrrrr…. Ask around also didn’t get any idea on how to start the calculation.. (Nobody did it before as it shouldn't be in our scope of work as a structural engineer, they said. Should be civil's) Reading the design book also doesn’t help me much as I’m not a good reader for technical books. Huwaaaa!

So, in this kind of situation, I really need my hubby’s help. Again, I’m so lucky huh to have a husband who is also an engineer? (bodek baik punya!! Huhuhuhu) Have to admit that my hubby is very intelligent when comes to technical stuffs. You see…. He gained so much knowledge when working with his previous company. To simplified (note: the correct term should be “to make it fast”) the work flow of designing the retaining wall, I force (seriously!) my hubby to study the drawing together and asks him to do the design 1st, and then teach me on how to do it. This method really helps a slow learner like me. And finally, I’m now have my own masterpiece of designing a retaining wall….


I know.... it might looks like too simple to others who have done this kind of design. But, for me who never did, it is really mean something. To be honest, I feel so proud with that manual calculation sheet. Seriously! It took me hmmmmm… 1 month to come out with those 6 pieces of paper! So lega beb!

2nd thing that bugs my mind for the 1st 2 months being here in my new office is the task to do checking for a steel connection design. This one, hmmmm…. My hubby couldn’t help me much, as he never did it before. But, at least, he got an idea and help me to study an example of the checking. And after struggling (sound so exaggerating huh? I really meant that ok!) for about 1 month also, finally I had my 2nd masterpiece of manual calculation (8 sheets).

Phew! Seriously, so relieved!

Now, I have to concentrate in designing and preparing detail drawings for my building project. So little time, but so many things to be done. With task as a checker lagi... Hmmmm.... Hopefully I don’t have to sleep at my office ;(

Been so busy until I only have so little time to juggle with these two super cute (at least for my eyes) kiddos ;(

9 orang pot pet on "My own masterpiece, at last!"

putrainternet on February 29, 2012 at 3:55 PM said...

emmmm.... baru belajar last sem nih... nak kene kasik ingat betul2 nie...=p PIC... well done..=p

mama glam on February 29, 2012 at 4:01 PM said...

Hafis: huhuhuhu.. terharunye i PIC! Sob sob.. nangis sebab terharu sgt! terasa dihargai... perasan eik? xpelah, yang penting PIC aku hargai usaha aku.. huhuhuhu

Unknown on March 1, 2012 at 9:16 AM said...

ya ampun.. awat ko x habaq kat aku ko nak calc sheet retaining wall.. aku kan ajar subjek tu.. boleh aje kasi kat ko.. tp tahniah beb :) i know u can do it

mama glam on March 1, 2012 at 1:33 PM said...

Mast: Aku tau ko geotek. Tapi, aku x tau samada retainig wall tu dlm scope ko ke tak (sbb ada org geotek ckp bukan scope diorg. so, aku confuse jap). Lgpun, aku tau ko pun tgh bz (bace blog ko). Tu yg xnk ganggu ko takut tanye soklan bodoh.. huhuhuhuhu... Tapi, kan Mas, bila2 ko free, bolehlah bg aku cth calculation tu. Boleh jadikan rujukan aku masa akan dtg... Nk tgk samada cara aku betoi ke tak... Hmmm, ada lg benda lain aku nk tanye.. Nanti aku msg ko kat fb k!

Eikyn on March 1, 2012 at 4:25 PM said...

uwaa....mengalami situasi yg sama mcm u juga PIC1! :(

Sekarang sgt termengah2 nak siapkan 2 projek pilihanraya sebelum i terberanak.. nasiiiib baik suamiku yg hensem mcm tom cruise :p tu leh tolong banyaaaak... oh..sangat sayang sama apek jual cd tu.. :p..

Kat opis pun duk anta email n call laki sbb mtk tlg ajarkn design...nasib..nasib..

mama glam on March 1, 2012 at 5:33 PM said...

Eikyn: kan? kan? nasib baik laki u si tom kurus dengan laki i si tom gemuk tu bidang sama dgn kita.. hew hew hew... memang tanbah sayang lah! up sikit point! hahahahha

mama glam on March 1, 2012 at 5:35 PM said...

Eikyn: lupa cakap, dalam tempoh ni, x bley lah u marah2 kat dia.. kena iyakan je semua kata2nya spjng tempoh mintak tlg... lepas dah habis, boleh jadi singa balik.. hahahahaha....

p/s: laki u garang x? laki i dah ada gaya jamil cmp tau! takutttt!!!!!!!!!!!

Eikyn on March 2, 2012 at 8:33 AM said...

kak amisa: laki i xgarang..alhamdulillah..kene tunjuk blur sikit & puji2 sikit..bagi makan banyak sikit..ON je la dia..Pastu kene 'upah' sikit la...Ops!

Sanggup ape je memandangkn condition i yg lemah serba serbi ni...nak kene special post utk my tom kurus aka apek jual cd tu..heeee

mama glam on March 19, 2012 at 10:12 AM said...

Eikyn: hahahhaha.. Laki you memang senang nak jaga ar!

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