Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Can I do?

I feel a bit distracted today. However…..

I’m grateful that I’m a professional in my profession.

I’m grateful that I’ve been patient with the situation that I faced in my working environment everyday.

I’m grateful ya Allah! I’m soooo grateful to YOU for all the experiences that I’ve gone through all this while…

Today, I heard from somebody in my office regarding the office matters that I posted last week before I went to KUantan for the budgeting workshop. Remember? About the “Taichi” fellow?

Hmmmmmm….. That’s why I said I’m grateful that I’ve been professional enough to face this small matter. I didn’t drag the problem too far until I have to feel tense or stress up to face the person. I don’t have any problem to communicate as usual with the person after all the arguments. And I don’t have to spread the news to the whole office about what happening…. I do story to some of my very close colleagues, but don’t have to be a big crowd to get any sympathy from any of them. Don’t have to get any sympathy from my boss… from my big boss… or from anybody that I don’t feel like they have to know about this small matter. Because…….. I have my blog to spread the news…. Hhahahahhaha…… Just joking ok! Actually, because I’m so lucky that all of you readers were there to read my entry though I know you wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about… Hohhohohohoho…. I just need you all to read it without having to know who's the person (the name to be exact)…. Without having to know the details of the problem, just read it and leave any comment if you feel like to.

I do feel a bit sad to hear when people talk bad things about me. My boss also asked me about the matter. And without feeling any fear, I storied to him about it from my point of view. I might be right, or I might be wrong. I don’t know. As far as I know, since I joined this gov. agency, I never get mad to anybody in my office as I did to this “Taichi” fellow. So, I guess……. She deserved what she gets from me last week. And, from my side, I think, I just need to act cool to face any of her friends (anybody that sides her). I know what I’m doing. I tried my best to help her. But, what can I do if she don’t feel like I’m helping her? What can I do if she thinks everybody doesn’t understand her? What can I do if she feels like she’s the only person that so busy in our department? What can I do? Do my works and Buat bodo jer lah… Sonang cito!

Oklah, forget about it. We better enjoy this song.... Come on guys... Let's sing it together!!!!!!

I haven't slept at all in days
It's been so long since we've talked
And I have been here many times
I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

There's only so much I can take
And I just got to let it go
And who knows I might feel better
If I don't try and I don't hope

Repeat Chorus

No more waiting, No more aching
No more fighting, No more trying

Maybe there's nothing more to say
And in a funny way I'm calm
Because the power is not mine
I'm just gonna let it fly

Repeat Chorus

4 orang pot pet on "What Can I do?"

Mak Ana on March 4, 2009 at 5:29 AM said...

We're in the same boat but with different passengers. The best thing is not to be such a pain in the ass, do your work and do it right, words won't harm you, be strong and insyaAllah all's well ends well

amisah said...

betul tuh mak ana...
thanks for your support! :D

mamaQisya on March 4, 2009 at 6:42 PM said...

mama, jgn tension2 tau... baby nak relax2..... =)

amisah said...

memang iya ninie...
malam tadi baby pun tensi kat perut mama dia sebab nyamuk ganggu mama dia tidur... ngeng ngeng bunyi dia.. kaco jek! (macam luar tajuk jek :lol:)

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