Thursday, March 26, 2009

A one day trip to KT?

Today I and hubby just came back from a trip to Kuala Terengganu. Why on earth I’m there while I should attend an half day courses at my office?

Actually, yesterday evening, hubby suddenly SMS me and told me that he needs to go to one of the site at Dungun ASAP. What bugs my mind is when he says he has to make a one day trip alone. Could you imagine? A one day trip to Kuala Terengganu alone? 5 hours driving alone? Ridiculous!

I have this uneasy feeling when thinking about hubby driving alone to Terengganu. After so much thinking and considering, I decided to follow him. I know some of you maybe think I’m irresponsible in taking emergency leave while I have works to do at office. I admit I’m a bit distracted in deciding which to choose. But, I think I had chosen the right decision when I could see how tired hubby driving alone last night. I feel so grateful that I did the right decision though my boss a bit unhappy with my EL. I think, he better get mad than for me to feel sorry for myself for any bad thing that I could imagine happen if I let hubby drive to Terengganu alone.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely in KL at 9pm though we have to go through some funny but stupid experience in searching for hotel to be stayed in last night. Hahahhahaha…

Talking about the hotel, I and hubby at first planned to stay in Dungun. So, before depart form KL, we had surveyed some hotel in Dungun through internet. After considering the cost and the distance, we decided to choose one of the beach resorts in Dungun. So, we called up the resorts and informed them that we’ll be arrived there between 2.30am-3.00am in the morning.

Arrived there, we search for the resort. We parked our car in front of the resort and tried to call the reception. The line was engaged for quite some time. Fed up in trying, we rummage around for another resort or hotel nearby. We were so upset when that another resort also didn’t pick up the phone. So, we tried to call the first resort again. Get through!

Me: Hai hello! Saya yang call malam tadi kata nak check in pagi ni. Saya nak tanya, betul ke saya park kat depan resort tu? Kenapa macam tak ada orang? Kat mana saya kena check in?
Reception: Ya Puan. Betul, park kereta kat depan tu je. Lobi betul-betul kat depan tu je.
Me: Oh ye ke? Tapi, kenapa saya macam tak nampak ada kereta park kat depan tu? Memang tu tempat parking ker?
Reception: Ya Puan. Puan park depan tu. Saya tunggu depan lobi. :twisted:

At this time, I look at hubby and hubby look at me. We suddenly feel so scared when he say that because, that’s mean that maybe, nobody except us who check-in in that hotel. All of a sudden, both of us flashed back some of the horror movie about couple been killed in motel and hotel in deserted place. Arghhhhh! We better don’t let them do that to us!!!!!!!

Without considering other hotel or resort in Dungun, we then decided to head to KT, where finally we chose Hotel Seri Malaysia and sleep soundly that night.

The very next day, hubby storied about our last night’s experience to his colleague in KT. His friend told him, actually, that resort does provide parking for their guest just in front of their chalet after check-in in their hotel. That’s mean, that’s why we couldn’t see any car in front of their main entrance huh? Hahahhahahha… So paranoid of me and hubby! But again, we better be cautious than sorry right? :lol:

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