Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend's wrapped up

Wrapped up for last weekend stories?

La Senza’ Craziest Sale

Hahahhaha… Actually, I’m not a shopaholic type of women. But, on last Friday and Saturday, I am suddenly being a one. Why? I bought a lot a lot and a lot! From panties, bras, sleepwear and even a robe! And to make it look like worst, I even bought them from different branches.

On Friday afternoon, I went to Garden's branch with my colleagues, kak Lynn and my BFF and so called my new colleagues, Mrs Dongan! I bought 3 new bras :D Due to that craziness, we reached office just on time. Luckily I could make it for a meeting at 3pm on that evening :mrgreen:

On Friday night, I then begged hubby to drop me at KLCC after Maghrib. And again, I managed to buy something a bit! A bit only ok! 5 pieces of new panties with very reasonable price!

On Saturday afternoon, hubby accompanies me to go to Midvalley’s branch. This time was the craziest moment! Hahahahha…. I bought another 3 pieces of bras, 5 pieces of panties, 1 pair of sleepwear and 1 robe. Fuh! Hubby don’t have any words to say when looking at the paper bag :cool: Wellll…. I think I maybe could consider this as my 2nd years wedding anniversary’s present huh? Thanks you Abang!

Ok! Ok! Let me make it clear. Actually, I really need those things that I bought, since I’m now getting bigger and bigger at those ‘parts’ recently. Those who have a pregnancy’s experience should understand what I meant. So, I’m not a shopaholic right? Furthermore, I got it at very reasonable price (additional 25% discount) because I’m a Digi’s customer :D Now I know why I’m so loyal to Digi :lol:

Hafni Mawardah

What is it about? Actually, after so tired of shopping at Midvalley, I and hubby then headed to Klang to visit Angah (my ex-colleague’s niece). She just delivered to a very cute baby girl on 12 Mac 2008 named Hafni Mawardah. The baby was so small. She’s only 2.20kg! Very tiny and very cute to hold! Alhamdulillah, she managed to deliver the baby in a normal way.

[caption id="attachment_1742" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="very tiny huh the baby?"]very tiny huh the baby?[/caption]

To Angah and hubby, congrates dear! Pray for me pulak ok! :D

Major House Spring Cleaning.

On Sunday, I and hubby didn’t go anywhere. We stayed at home and did a major spring cleaning to our home sweet home. Hubby helped me a lot on this! Thanks Abang! As for me, I could call this day is the most efficient day for me since hubby came back from the courses. I managed to box all the Baju Kurung that couldn’t fit me anymore in a really big box! Hmmmm…. At that time only I realized that I had a lot pairs of Baju Kurung in my wardrobe! Fuh! So tired packing all of them! Alhamdulillah…….. I only left to do the ironing works this week. Chaiyok Amisah!

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Chai Ling Lim said...

Hi Amisah,

Yes, I do blog at

When will you due? I am so delighted for you :) I am always excited if learnt about a friend becoming mummy soon-to-be.

Sweet Mon!

amisah said...

Hi Ling!

I visited your blog already. You're using the same template that I used when I first stepped in this blogging world :D Nice template huh? I linked your blog in my blog list ok!

tentatively, I'll due on 15 july this year.

Jacq said...

Chiaayok Amish!

amisah said...

Hehehhe.... chaiyok!

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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