Friday, January 23, 2009

Cheap Bookshop

Last Saturday, after performing my Zuhur prayer, I’m thinking of whether to go to Atria or not, since hubby not around, my dearest friend Czah and Sue busy at their office and another dearest friend, Puan Do unreachable through her handphone (selalu macam tuh tau!). Hmmm…

At 3.30pm, I decided to proceed with my plan to visit the Payless Bookshop at Atria, hoping that I could find cheap cheap 2nd hand books there.

When I arrived at Atria, I wander around the shopping mall from ground floor until the 3rd floor. However, I couldn’t find the bookshop. I am asking around as well. But, seems like nobody ever seen that bookshop before. Erk! Am I wrong? No! I’m sure the bookshop exists here in Atria. But, it was 2 or 3 years back lah….. Hmmmm… maybe it’s already closed? Who knows? I don’t know….

Then, with frustration, I wander again at 1st floor. Heading to the escalator and planning to go home. Suddenly, my eye catches one new bookshop. It wasn’t a 2nd hand bookshop, but it’s a cheap bookshop (don’t remember the name).

I entered the shop and walk around. There are a lot of books inside this bookshop from cooking, novels, school books, health books etc. Seriously a lot! They don’t sell 2nd hand book. But, they sell new books (some looks like old books) with cheaper price.

I spent about 1 and half hours there and managed to grab 6 books. I don’t know how to pick the novels. So, I just picked them up based on their cover and some of it based on their author’s name.

So, here they are:


Don’t be surprised, I only spent RM79.90 to get all of them. We’ll see whether it’s worth to buy them when I finished reading them.

5 orang pot pet on "Cheap Bookshop"

Anis on January 23, 2009 at 7:11 PM said...

payless bookstore ada kt ampang point.

atria tu ktne? xnah dgr pun.

doNGan on January 23, 2009 at 7:24 PM said...

payless bookstore bes ke?
sorry weng..aku x denga la bunyi phone.. :)

amisah said...

Anis: oh ye ker ada kat ampang point? aku x tahu... ble aku lawat next time.... atria kat belakang KDU damansara la anis... shopping centre x seberapa besar...

ngan: best ker x? hmmmm... best aku x tahu.. tapi, aku pernah beli buku dgn harga murah... so, best la kot :D
ko memang tau ngan! slalu tepon x angkat! nak majuk ah!

doNGan on January 26, 2009 at 11:57 PM said...

eheheh..nanakla majuk...
aku dah korek buku2 cecelia..bile nak? :)
buku spohie kinsella pun de gak nih..ihiks

amisah said...

TQ TQ... x jadik majuk ah.... ehehhehe....
manyak butul... Buku beli hari tu pun x abih bace laie...
chaiyok kat diri sendiri!

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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