Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dark Knight

On Sunday night, made phone reservation booking for the "Journey to The Centre of The Earth" at tgv KLCC. Im expecting the 3D show tickets @ 8.45pm on Monday...

So, yesterday evening, me & hubby rushing to had our dinner at my in law house. On 8pm, we drove to KLCC. Afraid that we couldnt claim our reserved ticket, I asked my hubby to drop me at the drop by bay... I went to the TGV counter & looked for our ticket. Ouh oh... Already released.. Its ok because the reserved ticket was for the normal show. The 3D show has started @ 8.30pm... Hmmm... never mind.. So, hubby ask me to buy a 3D ticket for the next day show... Got it! RM17, Rm6 more than a normal show... Will see whether this extra cost worth it or not today... plus the parking fee at KLCC which I think was really expensive!

After bought the tickets, hubby picked me up & we headed to our fav cinema "MBO Ampang".. the most convenient cinema for us...no parking charges at all! save! hihihii... We managed to arrived at 9.05pm & get a "Dark Knight" tickets for 9.15pm show... Good! Really a good planning we thought...

Dark Knights..... Hmmm.. This movie was too heavy for a person like me.. Im the one who like humours, facts, reality & so called "dongeng" but not too heavy type of movie... Still, this movie was really good in terms of the technologies used. Especially the face burning effects on Harvey Dent two face... Really like a real! Outstanding & gruesome! I didnt realize the PG-13 movie classification when I bought the tickets.

I dont like the Joker face! Too Scary.... Also the use of knives by the psycho Joker.... When he threated & kill the mafia using his father's way... I dont like when the Rachel died... The way she died... All in all, this movie was too malicious... Especially for kids... I dont recommend...

However, this movie also gave us some lesson to learn... Some of Joker's idea was right.. There is a lot of bad peoples out there.. He was pity that he never go through a normal happy life, due to his father's behaviour.. impacted to his child, teenager & lastly humanity growing life... Some people out there also had the same or almost the same experience as the Joker's... Really pity to them...

Some morals from the movie,

On the ferry scene: Not all the prisoners were bad & serve the rights to be in the prison... We tend to make bad judgement by looking at the outer side of people without considering the good inside of them... Also, we became too selfish when we pushed to choose either to save our life's or other people's life... This really happens in our daily life's... mine also... Admitted it...

On the Rachel's bombing scene: we tend to be selfish & chose the wrong decision. & ended up with big regretment for the whole of our life... Sometimes, we cant be too greedy in getting love from someone that we loved... Some love from her/him was also fated for others.

To summarize the movie... I would say this movie was good & bad... But still heavy for me... & understood the message conveyed.

p/s: Got arguement with hubby on what will happen if one of the ferry passenger press the bomb remote button. Either one of the ferry will explode or fireworks as said by the Joker when he struggling with the Batman... My hubby said one of the ferry will explode, while Im thinking the opposite way because as I remember, I had heard the Batman told james gordon to not too worry because the Joker wont explode both ferry. He said he knows the Joker very well. So, what do you all think?

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