Saturday, July 12, 2008

City Chain & Guess Service Centre

Headache! Tension! I hate city chain KLCC & city chain old klang road! Blacklisted their shop!

Im really tension with this watch shop... Seriously!

The story started last year before Raya... My watch got problem with the strap... this was my wedding gift watch (hantaran)... huhuhuhu.... Something like tiles or dont know what to call has tear off from the strap of the watch. So, since the warranty still valid, I went to KLCC (where I bought the watch) for repair. That time was Puasa month. After short conversation with the sales person, he advised me not to send the watch to their shop. Ask me to send to Old Klang Road branch after Raya nearer to my house at that time. I told him that the warranty was almost due. Then he said "tak apa kak. Boleh" Ok, so, after Raya, I went to the Old Klang Road branch. Sent the watch for repair & ask for new strap price. Im thinking of changing the strap if the price is ok. Sent there on Nov 2007, on May 2008 only came back to me & saying the strap cant be repaired. So unefficient! Some more, if want to change a new strap, will cost me about RM320. Gila ke apa? So expensive! So, plan B cancelled. Then, I came to their shop to collect the watch. Ya Allah! It wasnt there yet! I came all over from KL... arghhh!!!! Then, Im nicely ask them to send the watch to their Maju Junction branch, since that is the nearest branch from my new off at that time.

After 2 months waiting, I called up again the old klang road branch on 07 July 2008.. Then, the salesperson said the watch will be arrived on 08 July to their branch.. Aiyooo!!!! Again problem.. Have to send back to the branch that issued the repair receipt. Really unhelpfull. I have to come all over again from KL!

So, on 09 July, I went to collect the watch. Then, I went to Guess service centre to discuss on how to settle my problem. Luckily, after a very long negotiation, they offered to replace a new same watch (without tiles on the strap) for me FOC. Even the price might be cheaper a bit, still Alhamdulillah. Really thankfull. Thanks a lot to Lulu & Yee See to help me on ending this nightmare... Im now expecting my new watch within 1-2 weeks :-) This one was the old one :-(

Oh ya! one more story/info on watch. On the same day, I went to Seiko service centre to send my dad's watch. His watch was automatic type. Oldies type. Cheaper type, Around RM150-RM200 I think. After waiting about 20 mins, below are our conversations:

Staff: Kak, we need to keep this watch for about 6 weeks.

Me: why? what is the problem?

Staff: No a big problem.. The watch need to be service.

Me: OIC. Is this service need to be done regularly? How much it will cost?

Staff: Yes. because it is automatic type. It is normal. If under warranty, it will be FOC. If after warrranty, it will cost you about RM50-RM60 each time.

What?! My gooodness! could you imagine? Meaning, I have to service the watch after about 8 months everytime. OUhhhh!!!!!! Really expensive in a long run service. I rather buy a new battery type watch for my dad! Actually, this watch was the 2nd automatic watch for my dad. Present from my cousin. Me & hubby bought the 1st one for him. I never thought this problem will happen again. If I would know, I wont let my cousin buy for him at the 1st place.

Never mind, at least I got some infos to share with you all, so that you will be more careful on selecting watch for your love one next time.

Ok! chow!

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