Friday, May 7, 2010


Actually this was a backdated entry. I wanted to write about this few days ago. But, it’s just couldn’t be happen due to my so called “very tight work schedule”. I don’t know why after I came back from my induction course I was so busy with work…. To write it at home, hubby’s laptop haven’t been fixed yet. It’s been so longggggg since I didn’t use laptop to surf internet at home. What a waste of having internet connection but didn’t fully utilize them huh?

Anyway, on last Tuesday, in evening, I was about to pump a fuel at one of the petrol station at Keramat AU when I saw an accident. At first, I thought it was just a normal accident between car & motorcycle. So I just proceed fueling & drove my car to the car wash inside the petrol station.

While waiting for my car, I heard one of the customers there said “Peragut kena langgar”. Being a kepochi, I asked about the details of the accident and straight away walked to where the accident took place.

When I arrived there, I saw one guy was handcuffed to a motorcycle. According to a person there, that guy was one of the snatchers. And they still try to catch the 2nd snatcher.

In the end, finally both snatchers get arrested by the policeman.

Ok, actually the main point that I wanted to share here is, when I saw both snatchers, I couldn’t resist to feeling pity at them. I feel so emotional. Thinking of how would their parents or their relatives feel. Being a mother, I bet their mother would be the most upset person.

Some may say parents are the person that should be blame if they children become bad person. For me, I don’t really agree on this unless you really know that the parent wasn’t a good person.

You may see in some cases where the bad people actually were a son or a daughter to ustaz or ustazah.

So, do you think they didn’t teach their children well? I don’t think so. For sure they have given enough knowledge to their children and hoping that they will grow up as a good person. But, what can they do if the children didn’t turn out to as what they dream of? And to make things worst, if people blaming them for not educating their children. If I would to be in their shoes, I would die crying for regretting on nothing. Sad because my children became like that, sad because people finger pointing at me, sad because I feel like I was a failed mother. So sad!

I also feel pity looking at the snatchers. OMG! I’m so emotional too feeling pity at snatchers.

Actually, I’m just thinking of what if, they snatching because they have to? Say they really need the money for their family who really in need for medication? Or they really need it to buy food for their family. Ok ok.. I know I shouldn’t be thinking of feeling pity at them. An offence is still an offence. Still they have to be punished. I’m just feeling pity to see their pity face when they get caught.

Oh please you all teenagers out there! Please think of your beloved parents before doing anything. You all carry your parent’s name wherever you go. Please take care of your parent’s feeling. Please don’t disappoint them. Please love them as how they love you. And please remember, one day you’ll be a mother or a father too!

And remember this phrase “What you give, you will get back!”

p/s: To my dearie Aimee, Mama & ayah love you so much!

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