Monday, May 3, 2010


Recently, I and hubby had so many weddings & birthdays to be attended. Usually, if we don’t have any other plan, we will attend all of the invitations.

But, this week, we can’t make it to Su’s wedding at Shah Alam, Puan Mastur’ House warming at Penang, Czah’s son’s Akikah at Kuala Lipis & Arni’s wedding at Puchong. We only managed to attend Amar’s birthday & Uncle Badin’s daughter’s wedding.

To Amar (K ina's son): Happy 1st birthday dear!

To Uncle Badin’s: Tahniah dapat menantu!

To Su (My roommate at office, Aini’s friend): So sorry dear for didn’t attending your wedding. Our plan was so so so cramped that day! From Klang to Shah Alam (attending birthday), then have to rush back to Ampang. Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru dear!

Puan Mas (my course mate at UTM): Sory manyak2 Mas! Memang x dan gilos! Insya Allah Kita jumpa gathering Sabtu ni k dear!

To Czah (also my course mate at UTM): Sorry babe. Memang x sempat sangat x100. Lagipun Aimee x sihat weekend hari tuh. Pening sebab mabuk ubat kot. Meragam yang amat. X pernah dia mcm tuh. Anyway Czahku sayang, semoga baby kesayanganmu itu membesar bagai johan & soleh hendaknya! Aminnnnnnnnnnn…

To Arni (my induction’s friend): We did arrive at your house on that Sunday dear. But, my daughter wasn’t that well at that time. So, we decided to take her home for her to get rest. Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru dear!

My princess Aimee was so sick on last weekend. Hopefully she will recover ASAP as her Mama and her Ayah had their UTM’s reunion & bowling tournament to be attended on this coming weekend. Huhuhuhuu.

Here are some photos of that Aimee the princess.... see at the very last photos. So pity at her ;(

Our baby Aimee used to be like these before she get sick:

Now, she have to get lot of rest & lay down with the Kool Fever on her head =(

To Aimee dearie: Get well soon ya dear! Mama was so sad to see you crying all the time. Mama wants mama’s busyuk back! Mama and Ayah love you sooooo much sayang!

3 orang pot pet on "Cramped!"

@nozieyusof on May 3, 2010 at 1:58 PM said...

aimee cepat sembuh k..

mama aimee : penuhnya belakang keta ngan brg pink..hee hee cute

sya amran on May 3, 2010 at 4:18 PM said...

aweng..demam panas ke?qenit aku pon baru semboh..tuam la badan die ngan air jawa..insyaAllah, sejuk skit badan die..

mama glam on May 3, 2010 at 4:55 PM said...

Nozie: tq. harapnya gitulah...

hehehhe... gugurl kan...

ngan: thanks ngan. insya Allah aku cuba petang ni klu badan Aimee masih panas lagi... mudah2an dah semakin surut & terus sembuh mintak2nya! Aminnnnnnnnnn...............

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