Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lunch at Istana Budaya

Yesterday I posted an entry about food (desert). Today I again wanna share about food. This time around would be the main course.. Hehehhehe…

Actually, this afternoon, I had lunch at Istana Budaya. This was my 1st time having lunch there.

For 1st timer like me, I feel so grateful that TJ & Ayien suggested to have our lunch there. When I enter the café, I’m like wow! There are a lot of varieties of lauk-pauk in there. Seriously a lot! It's like having lunch buffet in hotel. You just name it! Ikan Bakar, ayam bakar, ayam masak lemak, masak taucu, masak asam pedas, sambal belacan, tempe, pucuk ubi & a lot of Malay food! They also sell varieties of Malay kueh like talam, agar-agar, bubur kacang, pisang goreng, cekodok pisang (this one very nice!) etc.

As for myself, I had Nasi with tempe goreng, terung goreng, tauhu jepun, kerabu mangga & ikan tongkol masak taucu. Before going back, we also had our desert (donut, agar-agar, cekodok & pulut panggang). I even tapao cekodok pisang for tea. All of them were very very very very very nice! And, the food price also very reasonable & worth your every penny!

All of these for only RM5.90! Cheap right?

You all should go & try it yourself! You won't regret it babe!

2 orang pot pet on "Lunch at Istana Budaya"

Sue Elin on April 21, 2010 at 10:03 PM said...

nk gk pegi!next time ninie n i bring u to bring us there pulak ye!

mama glam on April 22, 2010 at 7:40 AM said...

cis! everytime I kena bawak eik? huh! xpe xpe, for istana budaya punya food i rela...

tapi, make sure bukan hari selasa or khamis tau. Susah nak cari parking once dah kluar. dah lah tempat i park tuh hot spot.. hahahhahaha...

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