Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scrub a dub dub...

Scrub a dub dub, Two hands in a tub, A quack at the back, A moo up a head.

Argghhhhh! So stress! I tried to get through FlyFM line this morning to answer their Wake Up Your Brain contest, but I failed badly! I got the answer already lahhhh!!!!! And I’m pretty confident that my answer is 100% correct, as it is not listed in their wrong answer’s list yet:

Cow, Tub, Shadow, Fabes hands, Computer , A Milkmaid, Farmers Wife, Rubber Ducky, Two Handle Cup, Cows, Farmville, Rubber Ducky, Coward, Act of scrubbing your face, Bathtub, Turkey, Typewriter, Clocks, Family of cows, Showering in the tub, Washing a dog in a bathtub, The action of shaving, Nursery Rhyme, Skin, Washing a dark leather garment, 3 men in a tub, A person washing hands in a sink, A milkmaid, duck and a cow, Chopsticks, A baby in a crib, Bathing in a tub, Eating oats and milk in a bowl, Angel, Clothes in a sink, Old McDonald had a farm, Washing Machine, Cleaning the toilet using Toilet Duck and Mr. Muscle, Eating scrambled eggs with milk, Burping a baby, Washing toilet bowl, Scuba Diving, Handwashing Laundry, Breast Stroke, Cleaning up a baby that vomited on you, Massager, Woman benind over washing her hair in the sink with the tap on, Person taking a bath in a bathtub, Feeding a baby with milk, Brush, Swimmer, Milking a cow, Giving a baby a bath, Brush teeth, Lullabying a baby, Massage Chair, Sumo Wrestler, Appropriate hand washing during mad cow disease and influenza, Baby Cradle, Egg Custard, Songs with finger plays, Cock, Mouth, Milk Bath, Washing hair in the salon, Lyrics, Old Locomotive Train, Somebody massaging the backside, Hornbill, Automatic Car Wash, Clock, UK car plate number, Bathing in a tub, pulling the bath plug, Someone in a car, 2 hands on the horn, crazy fella at the back honking, moo is a slow man in front, Coconut Grater, Shampoo, Stapler, Quack surgeon doctor washing his hands, Duck, Baby Bath Tub Toys, Milkmaid, Quack Doctor, Baby being bathed, dried and powdered by mother, Money, Television, Spectacles, Steering, Snooker, Car, Slogan, Stethoscope, Milkshake, Plane, Car Wiper, Lullaby, Motorcycle, Food, Clock, An oar, Tortoise, Boat, Murtabak, The letter "K", Cello, Poem, Broth, Nose, Car, Urinal, Book

Don’t give up Amisah! Try again tomorrow. My dear roommate, please pray for me ya so that you all can get that unlimited Pizza Hut lunch that I promised. Ouhhhh… I smell RM4900…. Ahhhh…

2 orang pot pet on "Scrub a dub dub..."

Nisa on January 21, 2010 at 9:07 AM said...

chaiyok aweng.. banyakk tuu!!!

mama glam on January 21, 2010 at 9:28 AM said...

tuh lah... memang aku nak cuba lagi esok pagi... berusahalah!

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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