Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday party, wedding and shopping

So, what did I and hubby do during our last weekend holiday?

Before that, I wanted to share photos from Heidi's birthday party at Azah's house on 18 April 2009. So happening that day with the kids and the delicious food! (She even served us a strawberry dipped with choc! Seriously yummy!). I'm so sorry that I don't have the photos of the food. To those who can't make it that day, a big regret for all of you, and bonus for me because I could eat more yummy foods! :lol: I only had these photos that given by Puan Ayu. Enjoy ya!

[caption id="attachment_1866" align="aligncenter" width="308" caption="Supercute Birthday girl"]Supercute Birthday girl[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1867" align="aligncenter" width="308" caption="Birthday cake"]Birthday cake[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1868" align="aligncenter" width="308" caption="Us with the kids and the mommies"]Us with the kids[/caption]

Ok! Back to our weekend stories...

Saturday (250409)

We had our breakfast at my in law’s house. My MIL made her special Nasi lemak. So yummy as usual! Then, we head to Tesco Ampang to find box storage for our future baby’s stuffs. Mission failed, but we managed to try toasted bread at Kluang Station inside the Tesco. The verdict: ok lah (No photos since I think the one in Bugis Street Kopitiam tastes better than this one! Plus, the price here not so worth it like in Bugis Street Kopitiam). So, we went home and take bath (for second time for that day k!).

After Zohor, we go to one of our friend’s wedding ceremony at Bangi. Luckily we made it to arrived there before 4pm. If not……..

Congrates to Faez & Edzuan!
Photos borrowed from here

[caption id="attachment_1857" align="aligncenter" width="337" caption="From left: Hubby, me, the groom and the bride, Nisa & Adam and her hubby (Abang Pidut)"]From left: Hubby, me, the groom and the bride, Nisa & Adam and her hubby (Abang Pidut)[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1853" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Us with the bride"]Us with the bride[/caption]

After attending the ceremony, I and hubby went to Alamanda. Again, searching for baby’s stuffs. Alhamdulillah….. We managed to buy a playpen, mattress and bedding for the playpen (Ngan! Ko memang betul bila cakap pasal sale kat Aussino! Puas hati seh shop kat sana! Murah banyak tuuuuuu…..) and also a breastfeeding pillow. Mission accomplished!

At night, I and hubby drop by at my auntie’s house at Serdang. She made a makan-makan so that our family could gathered before my another auntie went back to Dubai the next following day. After the makan-makan, everybody laze around and enjoy watching a football match between Selangor & Kelantan. Selangor won the match. But, I should give a credit to Kelantan for playing a good game that night. Selangor was so disappointing. Sorry for the Selangor’s fan. It’s a fact dude!

I and hubby reached home before 2am after sending my brother to UniKL at Bangi. Zzzzzzzz…..

Sunday (260409)

We had our breakfast very late in the morning… Or, should I call it brunch? We had roti telur bawang and Vade…. This one from our fav. Mamak’s restaurant, Shareezma at Taman Permata :D

After playing with Pak Azim’s princess (they drop by at my IL’s house to pass my SIL’s engagement photos), we straightly head to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to again hunting for box storage. And again… the mission was failed.

So, we drove our car to our next destination at Mutiara Damansara, IKEA!

Before enter the IKEA shop, we first shop at Aussino in IKANO to buy new bed sheet and pillow cases. And again, we got a good deal with the sale price! So goooooood for people like me!

While at IKEA, we bought some sort of compartment storage (TQ to mama Qisya for the idea!) to replace the box storage that we hunting all this while. And, plus my new shoe rack that I eyeing for sooo long. Bukan mahal mana pun…. So kedekut kan?

Before head back to our home sweet home, I and hubby visited Jusco Wangsa Maju for a window shopping (actually still hunting for something :lol: ). And guess what? We managed to buy 2 box storages with very affordable price! Very gooood to end our shopping day today! Alhamdulillah…….

6 orang pot pet on "Birthday party, wedding and shopping"

Mak Ana on April 29, 2009 at 5:29 PM said...

Gambar dah siap tapi Mak Ita suruh tunggu sbb nak tgk gambar yang dah siap cuci. Tak puas tgk gambar kat PC katanya. InsyaAllah weekend ni Mak Ana hantar gambar tu.

Nisa on April 29, 2009 at 5:53 PM said...

arrgghhh..sedih tak dpt pegi beday heidi..huhu. nampak cam meriah gila. azah masak apa weng?

doNGan on April 29, 2009 at 9:41 PM said...

puas ati kannnn?? aku gakk yg x g lagi ke sane..cit..

amisah said...

Mak Ana: Oooooooo.... ok ok... nanti inform kat mama.... :D

Nisa: memang rugi ko x datang nisa.. makanan dah banyak.. sodap pulak tuh... ada soto ayam, strawberi celup coklat, makaroni bakar, ayam goreng, pau (siap ada bekas kukus tuh lagik supaya tetamu ble makan panas2), triffle... ish! macam2 lah..... banyak sangat sampai aku x ingat....

dongan: g la cepat ngan.. sekarang dia tengah sale ulangtahun ke pebende ntah... bukan ko nak carik match utk set quilt cover yang ko baru beli hari tuh ker? bila nak g? (janganlah laki aku terbace comment ni :lol)

Naz said...

Hello, Aweng! Aku berjaya jumpa blog ko melalui opismate ku. Hehe...Ko pg Stesen Kluang kat Tesco Ampang tu? Aku pun pernah try kat situ. Mmg kurenggg a situ.

Weh, comey kan Faezah time kawin tu? Nmpak lain sgt dia.

amisah said...

memang! dah la x murah kan? aku minum milo ais, satu kali hirup dah habis. boleh? aku raselah, dia buh ais penuh2 dalam gelas tuh, pastuh baru letak air milo... pastuh, charge RM3.20.. aku ble dapat 2 gelas kat kedai mamak jual capati kat jalan tar tuh! huh!

comel! memang comel!

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