Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Past 2 weeks activity

Today, i would like to share about my activity for the past 2 weeks. ehehehehe...

I've been in Shah Alam for the whole week from 11-20 june. Got seminar on project management there. I really enjoy the seminar this time.

I reached s alam about 4 pm. After checked in, I drove to my ex-company off to meet up with my friends there, as well as my ex-boss :-) Chit chatting until 6pm like that. A lot to talk about.

Then, the seminar started at nite. At 1st, i dont feel like the seminar would be interesting to me, must be boring. After meeting up with others, then the excitement starting to blow up.. hahahha... Got QS, M&E & also civil. They all were very very sporting. Seriously! We had our volley ball, swimming, bowling, futsal & our helpfull organizer. Thanks to you all! To be honest, Im really miss all the momentos there :-(

We all checked out on 20 june. Before drive back to KL, I had lunch with my ex-colleague at SACC Mall. Chit chatting again. Then, after Jumaat, heading to my another ex-office in pj. Hang out there about 1 hour.

Arrived at my home sweet home at 5pm. Then, the tiring feeling started. Pity to my hubby. All the housework passed to him for the whole weekend. Thanks a lot Abang! Really appreciate your helps & your understanding! Love u! muah! muah! muah!

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