Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not efficient But a wonderfull day!

I still havent get the momentum to work after leaving the office so long. From Mon-to date, the most that Ive done... hmmm... cleared up my office's email inbox n other simple2 stuffs. What a waste! Never mind. Insya Allah, tomorrow would be ok kot :-)

y i said wonderfull? hmmm.... I got my flight ticket for "balik kampung" raya this year. Yeay! Yeay! Balik kampung! Ho ho ho Balik Kampung! Memang Syiok!

Ye lah, last year I celebrated in KL & Bentong with my hubby's side. 1st raya as a wife... Happy but... u know... of course differ compared to our own ori hometown... So, this year might be more happening since all my aunties, uncles & relatives will go back to Tawau for Raya! Best! Best! This time would be fun with additional cousins, other new family members (eg: my hubby :-) )... Hmmm... cant wait for the momentos!

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