Monday, September 8, 2008

Lonely..... I'm mRs Lonely

Today, as early as 5am in the morning, me and hubby wake up to cook for our sahur. We fried siew pak choy and fish ball with eggs. Then, we re-heat the leftover asam pedas chicken and rice. After Subuh, I re-check my dad’s flight ticket and get some sleep.

My hubby’s plan to service his car was gone, as we only wake up at almost 11am :-p. So, we quickly go to Giant and buy some chicken breast and prawn to cook with the extra rice that we have in our kitchen. I "tapao" some for my younger brother for her break fast, and "tapao" the other half to bring to my in law’s house.

After get bathed at about 1.30pm, we take off to LCCT to send my dad to catch his 3.50pm flight to Tawau. We manage to arrive there at 2.30pm. I was queuing for half an hour to complete with my dad’s check in procedure.

After my dad enters the boarding gate, we go to Surau and perform our Zohor prayer. Now, only three of us left behind (me, hubby and my younger brother :-( )

Oh ya! When you come to LCCT, you will experience a lot of things here. One of them that I want to share is the Q cutting. To be a truly Malaysian, you have to be expert on this. I experienced this twice in less than a month been in LCCT. First was when I send my mom back in 31 August 2008. This one lady without feeling guilty, and with no sorry or excusing, simply cut our Q when we queuing to scan my mom’s bag. Being a very patient person my mom ask me to be tolerant to that woman. So, I just keep quiet and let the women go happily. Huh! (I sigh inside).

The second one was happened today, when I queuing to perform my dad’s check in procedure, and bear in mind, also done by a woman ok! As she arrived, she quickly stands beside me and keep moving frontward when the queue moving forward. Again, I’m being so patient and wait until the Q reaches the counter. Inside of me, I had planned words for her in case she cuts my Q. Luckily, when we almost reaching the counter, she step a few steps back behind me and let me do my dad’s check in first. Hmmmm… I think she understood the cynical faces that I show her ever since her trying to cut my Q. Good! So, I don’t need to voice out my sarcastic word to her then.

Another thing that you will find out when you come to LCCT is the short of “kain sarung” for praying in Surau (female). I experienced this twice also. So, if you planning to perform your solat here, you better either bring your own full “telekung” set, or bring your own ‘kain sarung”, or bring a pair of socks, to enable you to perform your solat without any hassle. I’m advising you this because the surau here only provides you with 3 ‘kain sarungs’ with lots of telekung (top set only). So, to avoid waiting, you better pick one of the 3 alternatives that I listed above.

Continue with my today’s story.....

About 3.30pm, we departed from LCCT to send my younger brother to Unikl Bangi as his 1 week holiday ended today. So, now only two of us (me and hubby :-( )

Reached home by 4.30pm and hurriedly pack my hubby’s and my stuff. We also packed everything that left inside our refrigerator to bring it to my in law’s house. Actually, since my mom arrives from Tawau in 13 August last month, I do cook everyday, despite the fact that all of them are very simple dishes. So, when everybody left our house today, I don’t think I need all the coconut milk and the watermelon anymore. Might as well I bring it to my in law house kan? At least, if I suddenly “terlebih rajin”, I can cook “masak lemak” dishes there :-) , (as I don’t think I will go back to our house to cook when my hubby wasn’t around).

We finished at 6.15pm and leave our house to my in law’s house to break our fast. My MIL (mother in law) cooks a lot of yummy dishes, and we really enjoy all of them, especially the fried “keledek” :-)

Huhuhhuu…. The saddest episode started at 8.45pm, when my hubby departs to PD for his 5 days courses there… Uhuhuhu…. He never leaves me for any course that requires him to stay overnight…. That’s why, now I’m feels so lonely without him being around for me to nag…. Uwaaaaa…….

So, now, I’m staying at my in law’s house until my hubby comes back on Friday…. Lonely.... I'm Mrs lonely..... I have nobody...... For my owwnnnn.....

Tick tock tick tock…..

2 orang pot pet on "Lonely..... I'm mRs Lonely"

Jacq on September 8, 2008 at 4:54 PM said...

Hooray.. boleh la kita hangover kat umah u. Muahahaha..

amisah said...

so, adelah alasan i nak balik rumah sebab ada tetamu nak temankan i tido....
bila nak datang nih?

Berapa hb?

Tik tok tik tok....

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